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Contest FAQs

Q: How many contests can I enter at one time?
A: There are no restrictions on the number of contests in which you can participate at the same time.
Q: Can I predict on the same companies for different contests on a given contest day?
A: Yes, but for all instances where you are predicting for a given timeframe, such as 1-week, you must predict the same direction. EXAMPLE: Imagine you predict "IBM UP" for a 1-week prediction in a Technology contest. You can then go to a Prediction Throwdown, or another contest, that is also for 1-week predictions. You can select IBM, but when you do, you will have to select UP. Otherwise you will get a message that you already predicted Up and you must use the same prediction.
Q: Can I make different predictions for the same company on the Prediction Board page and the Contest gameboard page?
A: Any contest entry prediction "trumps" the Prediction Board entry. EXAMPLE: If you make a Prediction Board entry for 1-Day/IBM/Up, and later make a contest entry of 1-Day/IBM/Down, the contest prediction will override the Prediction Board entry. Likewise, if you make the contest entry first, when you look at the company on the Prediction Board, you will see your contest prediction already shown there for the day.
Q: What happens if I predict a symbol and the price remains the same?
A: If you predict a symbol will go up or down, and it remains the same, your answer will be counted as incorrect.
Q: Are there any volume or price limits on the stocks we choose for a contest?
A: Each contest will have certain limits or restrictions. For most contests, the only restriction will be either the symbols in a specific sector, or some other "group" type of restriction, such as the S&P500. If the contest doesn’t specifically state a volume or price limit, then there is none.
Q: How do I tell if a symbol is OK for a particular contest?
A: You make your prediction on the contest "gameboard" in an area called the Prediction Arena. When you go to select a stock to predict in the Arena, you will enter letters in a textbox. As you type the letters, you will see an auto-suggest list of companies. Any company that you see in the list is "legal" for that contest. In addition, only "legal" symbols will enable the up or down prediction buttons to work.
Q: How do I enter my contest predictions on prediction day?
A: To enter your contest predictions, follow these steps:
  1. On the first day of prediction, between 9:30am and 4:00pm ET, first make sure you are signed in.
  2. Go to the Contests page and click on the Contest Title or the Play button.
  3. You should see your contest gameboard with a bright sign that says Active Prediction Day. Below it you should see a place for you to "play."
  4. Look at the section that says "Prediction Arena." There should be a rectangle marked "YOU" that contains spaces for you to make your predictions. Enter a symbol and click on the Up or Down button below it. Continue until you have filled all the spaces and you see the Submit button become available. When you are sure that you have made your final choices, click the Submit button. Once you click the button, there is no way to change your entries. After you submit your entries, other players will be able to see your symbol choices but not whether you predicted up or down. When the market closes, they will be able to see your Up or Down choices.
Q: Do I have to show my contest predictions to other players?
A: During the prediction day, other players and viewers will see the symbols you select, but not the direction. There is no way to hide your symbol selection from others. After market close, the other players and viewers will also be able to see the direction of your predictions. There is no way to hide this information from others.
Q: What happens if there is a technical issue on prediction day?
A: PredictWallStreet carefully monitors the contests. If there is a verifiable technical problem, we will provide an announcement and take appropriate action. For example, the prediction day might be cancelled and an extra one added to make up for it.
Q: On a daily prediction contest, I predicted Up and the stock was, in fact, up on the next day. Why was I given a score of "incorrect"?
A: When you predict for a daily contest, you are predicting from the price as shown on PredictWallStreet at the time you predict, until the close of the following day. You will see this indicated in the text of the prediction Up and Down button tooltips.

So to evaluate your predictions, you have to look at the difference from when you predicted to the close of the following day. You cannot base assessment of your accuracy just on market open to market close. That is why two people might predict "up" and yet one person will be correct while the other is incorrect.
Q: If I think the price I predicted from is inaccurate who should I contact?
A: Please refer to our data disclaimer for more information.
Q: How does the contest winner receive their cash prize?
A: To claim contest prizes, winners must provide a valid PayPal account. PredictWallStreet will award prizes to this PayPal account. Any prize denied by PayPal due to an invalid account or other reasons is forfeited.