About Predict WS

Since 2005, Predict WS has been harnessing the collective intelligence of online investors to gain an edge in the market. We then provide that edge to:
  • End users and retail investors;
  • Broker Partners;
  • Crypto Brockers;
  • Financial Media Partners;
  • Other financial institutions.
Any end user can participate in our Crypto and Stock Prediction Community by visiting our site and making a stock prediction. In return for sharing your stock prediction, we instantly show you, for free:
  1. Poll results of what other people think.
  2. Accuracy of the community for the stock you predicted on.
  3. How sentiment on the stock has changed over time and how it compares with the stock price.
  4. How bullish or bearish the community is on your stock, its sector, and its industry.
  5. Stocks with the highest prediction and/or tweet activity.
  6. A list of up to 6 daily stock Forecasts that are produced by proprietary quantitative algorithms that process the predictions made by millions of online investors, today and in the past.
If you register (also free), you can exchange information with other members of the community, compete against other stock predictors for cash prizes, follow the best predictors, and more.
While we hope you derive value from all of the features and tools on our site, we are especially proud of our daily Forecasts. The Forecasts are NOT simply a summary of what the community thinks. Rather, the Forecasts are the result of many years of research developing quantitative algorithms which then PROCESS the raw prediction input from all the community members. Sometimes the Forecasts will be in the opposite direction of the majority of community predictions, so this distinction is important.
Our long term vision is to leverage our success in applying collective intelligence in the financial area to other areas. We believe collective intelligence can not only help investors make profits, but also help solve many of the problems facing our planet and its people.
Important disclaimer: All trading in the crypto and stock market is speculative and losses can and will occur. Commodity trading in particular involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Predict WS is not an investment advisor or broker, and recommends that all investors consult with a broker or financial professional before making any trades in the crypto and stock market.