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A project in which artificial intelligence can help private investors increase their capital.



The project uses developments in the field of machine learning for asset trading, which allows you to achieve phenomenal returns.

Any investor who enters the binary options market wants to consistently make a profit. However, in order to correctly analyze all incoming information, catch market fluctuation trends and make a deal on time, specific knowledge and considerable experience are required. Binary options strategies, indicators, tables and formulas are difficult, so many beginners rely on tools that have begun to appear on sale in large quantities – binary options robots.

A bot for trading options simulates the ideal options for opening trades. Bot is a special program for making transactions on binary options. The development algorithm is based on the systematization of the available information about the behavior of a financial asset and the assessment of potential risks. The robot compares all the data and calculates the ideal moments for entering the market, which will bring maximum profitability with a low loss rate.

The first trading robots for currency transactions and binary options trading were equipped with a minimum set of functions. They allowed the player to reduce the time of market research, but did not participate in the formation of risk management policy.

The automation system has advanced a lot. Already available is the setting of loss management, individual trading parameters. The assistant allows one player to make dozens of transactions on high-frequency trading, which is physically inaccessible to the average person. In more modern models of trading robots for binary options, there is already not only a simple situational analysis, but also risk management elements, as well as the ability to configure individual parameters at your own discretion. 

Brokers, by installing such bots on their platforms, promise their clients almost win-win trading. Bot developers point out the following advantages of their systems: reduction in the number of manual operations and time savings; the ability to conclude many quick deals in high-frequency trading, which is not available to a person; shifting small current operations to the robot and concentrating on large high-yield events; the absence of emotional errors that are characteristic of a person who alternates wins with defeats.

From the point of view of brokers, which can hardly be called unbiased, robots are simply necessary for such categories of market players: experienced investors who want to increase profitability; novice traders who want win-win trading in various assets; investors who often lose and want to reverse an unpleasant trend; advanced users who prefer to experience various technical innovations in the forefront. 

Often on the Internet you can find ads for free bots with an active link to a specific website. Having entered it, the user will have to register with the proposed broker in order to carry out operations.This approach has all the signs of dishonesty, since the broker pays the signalman for advertising with money that the user deposits and soon loses.

Best Bots for Option Trading

Today, there are three main types of automatic assistants in trading.


This system has limited functionality, it does not provide an opportunity to fully automate the trading process. The main task of the program is to choose the best option for the investor in order to get the maximum benefit and not lose the deposit. In the general sense, the bot simply advises the trader which option in the situation under consideration will be the most profitable and effective. The investor independently makes a decision, controls the trading process.

Robots Provided by the Broker

First of all, before choosing a bot created by a brokerage firm, it is worth evaluating its reliability. Unscrupulous partners create binary programs in order to deprive the user of all assets in a short time. For a reliable intermediary company, all slot machines work according to a well-coordinated scheme, they are really useful for beginners and experienced players. 

Automatic and Semi-automatic

Such robots are designed to fully automate the trading process. Free and proven paid programs allow the investor to entrust his own capital to the bot and calmly deal with personal affairs, the main job. The robot will not only select the optimal conditions for trading, but will also open and close the lot at the right time. As a result, the client receives a stable income with minimal financial and time costs.

Automatic bots independently analyze the chart, choose the most optimal moment and make deals. The role of the investor actually comes down to withdrawing money, sometimes adjusting individual settings (if it can be done) and exercising overall control.
The main disadvantages of the automatic bot: 

  • the lack of the possibility of a comprehensive assessment of the market and adjustment of settings in real time; 
  • the inability to take into account the release of important news of a political and economic nature; 
  • inability to increase the deposit; attachment of the program to the broker who developed and implemented it.

The foreign exchange market is in constant motion. New clients enter the platform every day, investors prepare and implement individual strategies. Due to this, it becomes necessary to adjust the operation of the mechanism, taking into account the innovations of the foreign exchange market. If you do not do this, the risk of losing increases many times over. And your favorite robot will no longer be as effective as in the first days of work.

The only robot that can be trusted with a high degree of probability is a trading bot created on one's own. True, this kind of work is not for everyone.To do this, you need to know programming well, study the main conditions and trends, develop and test your own unique strategy, translate it into computer code and synchronize it with your chosen broker.

Semi-automatic robots (signals or advisors) analyze market trends, determine the best moment for a deal on a particular asset, and signal to the player that it is possible to buy or sell an option.

Without the investor's command, the deal is not activated, he decides whether to listen to the adviser or ignore his signal. Traders trust semi-automatic machines more because they provide useful analytical information in a timely manner to make the most informed decision if it is possible to conclude a promising transaction. At the same time, the investor is not separated from the bidding process and bears full responsibility for the invested finances. At the same time, it is important that the algorithm of the program corresponds to the market strategy of the player using it.

The Most Common Binary Options Robots 

Since the demand for automatic options trading programs is steadily growing, their number on the market is increasing at a rapid pace. It is incredibly difficult to choose the best one, especially given the large number of developers and the variety of algorithms they use. However, there are programs that have demonstrated their strengths and weaknesses, so we can draw a conclusion about their real effectiveness. 


Algobit, a semi-automatic binary options robot from the developer Opinionbit, was released back in 2013 and aroused increased interest in the business community.To promote it, a video was used that talked about the principles of the tool and its benefits. The trader was only required to adjust the sensitivity level of the program for greater accuracy and timeliness of signals. The bot was able to process arrays of information on numerous assets and determine the trend at the stage of its inception. 

The player, having fairly reliable data on the upcoming direction of the market development, concluded deals. The multitasking of Algobit and the ability to track numerous indicators greatly increased the number of options that could be earned. At the same time, reviews indicate that Algobit is not a magic wand, since not all transactions are profitable.

U-Bot is an automatic program that is fundamentally different from many other similar developments. It is based not on the technical analysis of market indicators, but on the study of successful operations of real traders. The statistics of purchases/sales made by all active traders is collected, and then automatic sorting and selection of those investors who have the best ratio between risk and profit is carried out.

Based on the activities of the best players selected in this way, an algorithm is developed, which is the "core" of the tool. Subsequently, the input data is adjusted based on the results of trading, processed by the system, and then given a command to conduct a transaction on the accounts of subscribed investors. 

OptionRobot is a new free development, of which there are more and more. It offers investment and transactions without human intervention. The trader does not need any knowledge in the field of binary options. A person is invited to register on the OptionRobot website and with a selected broker on the platform to open an account, fund it and select the "automatic trading" function. The program uses various trading systems: Fibonacci, Martingale or Classic and collects information on 6 interrelated indicators.
Is it possible to make money with the help of an adviser

Many experts are at least skeptical about automatic trading, and often openly negative. Aggressive advertising promising a guaranteed number of successful transactions at the level of 75-85%, profitability up to 1000% per month, many fake awards from non-existent associations and organizations – all these are signs of sites selling Autobots. As an example of this approach, such a "product" as the German Binary Options Robot is often mentioned. It was allegedly developed by a successful German banker named Norbert. 

The sellers guarantee a profit of more than $2k on a $250 deposit over several days on autopilot. At the same time, potential buyers are offered 2 options to choose from: buy a bot for $2,400; sign up for a trial version valid for one month. From a one-page site containing a promotional video, you can only learn that it is good to be rich. This is said by various "experts" from exchanges around the world, whose reasoning is generously provided on the page. Experts say that the German trading robot is a bait designed to lead a buyer to the broker's website, open an account there and deposit money into it. After that, the program stops working or quickly drains the deposit, from which it is no longer possible to withdraw money.

Many people refuse to believe in the effectiveness of binary options robots. At the same time, there are users of the foreign exchange market who actively support the position of using bots on trading platforms. There is no single opinion on the effectiveness of automated programs.

In addition to outright deception in advertising, experienced traders pay attention to the following facts: brokers do not bring completed transactions to real trading floors, therefore, in case of winning, players do not become owners of any assets (currency, stocks, goods) and are completely dependent on the broker; the activities of brokers, contrary to their statements, are not controlled by any financial regulators; the level of profitability of transactions is presented biased; the ratio between profit and risk in binary options trading is 9:10, which brokers prefer not to talk about; banal fraud.

However, one should not think that binary options as such are a complete scam. In fact, this is a real and fairly simple way to trade. You can make money on them if you learn to analyze incoming information, be psychologically stable and be able to deliberately take risks in order to subtly catch the moment to exit the transaction. Finally, it is very important to find an honest brokerage company.

It is important to understand that the bot will not always work on its own, a certain amount of control must always be present. The system is optimized for the market situation in force at the time the model was created. Every day, after changes in the international and domestic market, the demand for certain products falls, while for others it seriously increases. 
Therefore, you cannot completely trust the program with your capital. It is recommended to control the situation on the market, make additions and changes to the trading algorithm in time.

A variety of assistants are used on the binary options market: trending, scalping, multi-currency, combined, etc. Each of them is endowed with certain functions, obviously not universal. It will not be possible to choose any program and use it for different strategies and trading several assets in short and long periods. To get the maximum profit, you should give preference to a bot programmed for the desired product and type of trading.

According to experienced investors, advisers are tools for working in the foreign exchange market. They are not ready to completely replace a person. The main task of the program is to optimize and facilitate the trading process.

The algorithm processes large amounts of information, provides the user with a ready-made program of actions. It is the trader himself who decides whether it is worth implementing these stages or acting according to his own opinion, intuition.

Let's formulate a few fundamental rules that will allow you to choose the best adviser and not be disappointed in his work:

The best option is a robot that works for a long time period of more than one hour. Scalping assistants have confirmed their effectiveness, but require the trader to continuously work on optimization and control of actions.

Bots that operate on the Martingale principle always retain a certain percentage of risk and loss. For their use to give a positive result, you will need an impressive amount of capital to cover the likely drawdowns.

It is better to choose advisers with open settings, as well as a clear algorithm. If a trader understands the principle of the program, he can easily correct the scheme in a timely manner and make amendments. It is not recommended to choose bots with a closed code, since the investor will not understand the inside of the product and will be exposed to risks from its incorrect use.

According to statistics, it is confirmed that binary options assistants really work. It is important to understand that robots are not able to repeatedly and one-time increase capital. But the monthly income with correct use reaches 5-15%. For beginners, this is the best option, allowing you to gradually work out the tactics of trading and increase the size of the starting fund.