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The Amazon service is the largest and most famous online retailer in the world, and no other trading platform has been able to fully compete with it so far. In addition, Amazon is engaged in the development of robotics, machine learning (artificial intelligence technologies), computer development, unmanned vehicles, educational, streaming projects, and more.

Every year, more than 30 million people from various countries make purchases in the Amazon online hypermarket. In the field of e-commerce, the company is so strong that it practically controls this market. Thanks to competent marketing and continuous development, Amazon's capitalization has exceeded $1 billion.

Amazon shares are consistently strong on the New York Stock Exchange. Among the shareholders are the largest investment funds and numerous private investors. But like any business, Amazon has its ups and downs. Therefore, it is worth figuring out why the shares of this company may be interesting, and how this business works in principle. For those who are already ready to invest in this corporation, we recommend the specialized Amazon Stocks Go service, which was created exclusively for the comfortable purchase and sale of 
Amazon shares.

What Is Amazon?

Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and first positioned itself as an online bookstore. In 1997, a decision was made to attract investments, the company went public and placed shares on the NASDAQ stock exchange at a price of $18 per share.

Already in the late 1990s more than 400 million goods of various names could be purchased on the trading floor. In the same period, the video streaming service Amazon Prime Video was launched, the Amazon Echo digital assistant, the Kindle e-book store, and the Amazon Studios film production company were added.

Gradually, Amazon has become a market leader in e-commerce, cloud computing and information systems.

Amazon has been conservative with shareholder returns and has not paid a dividend since 1994. All funds are directed to business development, including innovative developments and the absorption of other projects. At the same time, the company's shares show a constant growth of about 30% per year. Their holders profit by increasing their value by trading on the stock exchange or through Amazon Stocks Go.

Affiliated Companies

The corporation conducts business through the main legal entity, Inc, as well as through a network of subsidiaries. Their total number reaches 40 pieces, subsidiaries are used both for conducting various types of activities and for working in the markets of different countries.

List of the most famous Amazon subsidiaries:

  • Acom is an organization that develops and implements innovative technologies.
  • Amazon Web Services LLC is a cloud service for clients from different countries.
  • Brilliance Audio – release and sale of audio books.
  • Amazon Robotics is the development and production of robotics.
  • Lab126 is the design and manufacture of consumer electronic devices such as the Kindle.
  • Alexa Internet is a web analytics service.

Amazon Stock Split

The company is interested not only in large investors, but also in raising funds, including from private individuals. Therefore, as the value of shares grew, Amazon split them 4 times. The last share split took place on June 6, 2022 in a ratio of 1 to 20, i.e., for each share, the owners received another 19 shares.

By that time, the approximate value of Amazon shares was about $3,000, as a result, the price dropped to $107 and became available to a wide range of investors through Amazon Stocks Go. After the split, the shares also show growth and today their value is about $132.

How Amazon Stocks Go Works

To understand trends, it is important to study the company's earnings reports for recent years, as well as a technical analysis chart for stock price fluctuations. This does not guarantee that past performance will be a reliable indicator of future performance, but it provides important information for future projections.

What Gives Amazon Stocks Go:

  • Convenient analytics tools, including for CFDs (trading on the difference), when you can make a profit not only on the growth of the stock price, but also on their fall.
  • Dynamics in real time: data updates are carried out quickly.
  • Security: a specialized tool helps private investors work only through reliable brokers without additional intermediary commissions.
  • Reliable forecasts: artificial intelligence collects and analyzes the widest possible range of data that can affect the price of shares.

Amazon Stocks Go gives you access to all the tools you need to draw your own conclusions. 
Below is an analysis from Amazon Stocks Go and some other reports over the past few years.

Amazon Stock Growth Drivers

For the past 10 years, making a profit has never been a problem for Amazon. An additional plus for the growth of this indicator was the quarantine associated with the COVID epidemic. A significant number of people around the world have begun to shop online more often.
Amazon has successfully capitalized on the trend, expanding its presence in different countries, opening a large number of pickup points and increasing its delivery capabilities by 50%.

As a result, in 2021, the company's revenue amounted to $137.4 billion, and net profit – $14.3 billion. Accordingly, there was a stable increase in the value of shares.

But 2022 was a disappointment for many investors. The total revenue even increased and amounted to $ 149.2 billion. But the corporation did not invest in the production of electric vehicles in the most successful way. In addition, fluctuations in exchange rates had a negative impact. As a result, instead of the expected profit, the financial report shows a loss of $2.7 billion.

For some time, Amazon shares have traded with negative price dynamics. But already in the first half of 2023, the situation returned to normal.

Traded Assets

Amazon Stocks Go is a specialized service that was created for trading Amazon stock.Here, private investors can build their own strategy as simply and conveniently as possible, trade with minimal risks and investments at a convenient time.
Markets Where Amazon Stocks Go Operates

The Amazon Stocks Go platform is available to investors from almost anywhere in the world. Restrictions may be related only to the laws of the country or the inability to use the payment tools that Amazon uses. Amazon operates in many countries, including: USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Germany, France, Great Britain, Australia, India, China.

Project Founders

Amazon was founded by Jeffrey Preston Bezos and has been headquartered in Seattle, Washington since its inception. On July 5, 2021, Jeff Bezos stepped down as CEO of the corporation, and Andy Jassy took over the position.

How Much Can You Earn?

Amazon Stocks Go is nothing more than a tool that helps you invest successfully even without much experience. The income itself is not limited by anything and depends solely on the strategy you choose.

Experts predict that Amazon may slow down somewhat, but remain very attractive in terms of long-term investments. This forecast confirms the fact that large investors continue active cooperation with the corporation.

The following risk factors may affect the results in the coming years:

Amazon's financial model has proven to be insufficiently stable. Despite diversification, shareholders periodically doubt operating profits, which affects the value of shares. Amazon's share of the online retail market. The company is often referred to as a monopoly. There is a risk of new antitrust laws in the US and some other countries.

Competition from Chinese companies. The development of online trade in China and other Asian countries, on the one hand, will help to avoid issues related to monopoly, on the other hand, due to low prices for goods and delivery from this region, serious competition is possible in the future.

To increase profits and compensate for possible problems in the future, Amazon is actively investing in the development of information technology, the creation of software systems and an increase in the share of profits from the sale of cloud services.


Amazon Stocks Go is a reliable, user-friendly service that is regulated by the United States. The service's assets are Amazon shares, the reliability of which is beyond doubt. Given the recent decline in the share price, as well as the split, experts recommend 2023 as a very good period for private investors to invest. 

Now the shares are available at a price of about $130, then with a high probability they will grow. It is possible that in a few years, many who wish to invest will not be able to afford such an investment. Amazon Stocks Go tools help you avoid mistakes.

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