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A project that will help private investors start earning on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Passive income is gradually becoming "mainstream" – more and more people are trying to get additional income through investing.

On the Internet, they talk about dozens of different ways to get passive income, but the main trend of recent years has become cryptocurrency. Digital assets are turning into a full-fledged competitive economic ecosystem that attracts millions of investors.

The list of famous entrepreneurs and financiers who invest in Bitcoin already includes Elon Musk, Ray Dalio, Mark Cuban, Ricardo Pliego, Michael Novogratz, Jack Dorsey and many others. The richest people in the world understand that cryptocurrency is still at an early stage of its development, despite the huge growth shown by the market in recent years.

The Bitcoin Storm investment platform offers to invest in digital assets wisely. How does it work and why is it never too late to invest in crypto?

New Generation Investments – the Main Advantages of Bitcoin and the Company

"Bitcoin is a bubble." "It's too late to invest." “Crypto won’t rise again.” “Cryptocurrency turned out to be a pyramid scheme.” I read headlines like this almost every day. And those who write them are those who first rejoice in the fall of cryptocurrencies, claiming that they were right, and then again cry over missed opportunities when the market flies up. Stubborn skeptics, foaming at the mouth, defending their wrongness, and when there are no arguments left, some buy cryptocurrency themselves to earn money.

In fact, the idea of ​​Bitcoin and digital assets in general is already transforming the global economy, and blockchain technology (distributed registry) has gone far beyond the financial world and has found application in medicine, education, and even voting.

What is unique about Bitcoin, and why do leading financiers call it the next stage of economic evolution?

Safe and Transparent Ecosystem

Blockchain technology is a chain of blocks where all elements are interconnected. New blocks are confirmed by performing complex mathematical calculations – the computing power of miners (special devices for mining cryptocurrency) is involved. Each transaction is verified, encrypted and added to the block "for eternal storage".

In simple words, in the blockchain, all transactions are interconnected, and you cannot change the information that has already been added to the new block. In a traditional economic system, you can hack a database, wipe something, replace something. Blockchain excludes this possibility. Moreover, you can download the entire Bitcoin blockchain to your device and view the entire transaction history since 2009. And this information will never be lost.

Deflationary asset and limited issuance

All existing economic systems are subject to inflation – the same money goes around, but they cost less, no matter how paradoxical it may sound.

The inflation rate increased significantly in 2022. In the US, the figure was 7.7%, in Canada – 6.9%, in the UK – 11.1%, Germany – 10.4%. And these are the world's leading economies. The inflation leaders were Venezuela (156%), Sudan (103%) and Turkey (88.5%).

Inflation eats away at your savings. For example, at the beginning of 2022, I had $100 in New York. And by the end of the year, they turned into 92.3 dollars. How is this possible? Very simply – purchasing power has fallen. Let's say I planned to spend it on tuning a car, but the price of the part went up to $107.70 due to inflation. And what to do in Turkey, where 100 liras turned into 11.5 by the end of the year?

Someone will say – there are deposits, but they have long ceased to cope with inflation. In the US, the interest rate on dollar deposits ranges from 3.30% to 4.15%. In Turkish banks, deposit rates average 9% (for the lira) and 2.20% (for the US dollar).

Bitcoin is a deflationary asset aimed at constant growth. Cryptocurrency emission is limited to 21 million coins, with 19.26 million BTC released to the market. The rest are “in the bowels” – they are blocked and gradually paid to miners for mining new blocks in the network. That is why Bitcoin is also called "digital gold" – the resource of the cryptocurrency is not infinite, there is a possible shortage of BTC on the market, which can lead to a rapid increase in the value of the coin.

In 2022, the cost of 1 Bitcoin has fallen by 65%, and skeptics are constantly pointing fingers at this fact, not seeing the big picture. Let's see how much the value of the cryptocurrency has changed over the past 3 years:

In 2021-22, there has been a bearish trend in the market, but this is normal for cryptocurrency. The market rewards investors who can wait. The ROI (percentage on profit) of Bitcoin is 15,162% (data from Coinmarketcap).

Bearish cycles, when the value of the cryptocurrency falls significantly, is a panic for beginners, but experienced investors are only happy about such periods. They buy even more coins into their “vaults”, “at a discount”, and then find themselves in a good plus after the market reversal.

Let's remember how the historical highs of Bitcoin changed, and what crashes followed:

  • Bitcoin starting price: 5,050 coins sold for $5.02 (1 Bitcoin = $0.0009). October 2009.
  • The value of the coin reaches the price of $30 (June 2011) and then collapses to $5 (-83%).
  • A new peak was recorded at around $1,046 (December 2013), and then the cryptocurrency fell to $200 (-80%).
  • The next peak was submitted at around $19,475 per coin (December 2017) – the price tag then fell to $3,253 (-83%).
  • To date, the historical maximum price of Bitcoin is at around $68,789 (October 2021). And the strongest drop since that moment is $16,291 (-76%).

Experts say that the price of Bitcoin has already reached the bottom, after which the market is waiting for a reversal and movement to a new price high, so now is the best opportunity for investors to invest their assets. Remember that those who buy cryptocurrency at or near the bottom get the maximum profit.

Bitcoin Storm – Invest Wisely with an Experienced Team

The Bitcoin Storm team has been investing in the first cryptocurrency from the very first stages of growth, believes in Bitcoin and plans only to increase the volume of accumulated coins. Experienced professionals have survived the roller coaster, developed their own investment strategy and learned to choose the moment when the price of Bitcoin is at its lowest point.

The first investors to join Bitcoin Storm have already made huge profits. But, as you remember, it is never too late to invest in BTC coins, so the project community is constantly growing – every investor will be able to bite off his “piece of the pie”, no matter at what stage he invested his funds.

Bitcoin Storm understands that Bitcoin is designed in such a way that its price is constantly rising. Less and less coins remain unmined, some Bitcoins are lost forever (passwords are forgotten), large investors prefer to accumulate an asset and not sell it. As a result, the market is expected to have a shortage, which can become a new price growth booster. The project team plans to continue to buy additional coins, increasing its share of cryptocurrency ownership.

As for the possible new ATH (all-time high or historical maximum), a variety of numbers are called. More practical forecasts are in the range of $50,000 – $100,000 per coin, and the most optimistic investors even look beyond the $500,000 mark.

Alternative cryptocurrencies – not only about Bitcoin

In 2009, Bitcoin revolutionized the world of finance and for several years single-handedly “ruled” in the new sector, but then competitive cryptocurrencies began to appear actively. To date, the digital asset market already includes more than 22 thousand coins (Coinmarketcap), but not all projects are truly useful. Often, beginners invest in scam coins, which then collapse several times.

An experienced team of analysts from Bitcoin Storm will help investors not only save, but also significantly increase their funds. Professional experts study each project individually, evaluate its prospects and market value, analyze the project team and roadmap. Ultimately, Bitcoin Storm chooses only the top cryptocurrencies that bring investors big X's.

The sooner you join Bitcoin Storm, the more profit you will get, and early investors may not wait for their "X" for years, but receive passive income monthly – withdraw profit to the card with zero commission. The minimum investment amount is $250.

Regulation and legislative aspects

Bitcoin Storm is licensed by CySEC, one of the most famous financial regulators. Having a license allows the company to provide its services worldwide.

Cryptocurrency regulation is also gradually moving “towards a brighter future”. Yes, there are countries where the use of cryptocurrencies is prohibited at the legislative level, but there are fewer of them. Even India has reconsidered its attitude towards digital assets, daring to support the industry but tax it. Experts predict the same path for China.

And in El Salvador, Brazil and the Central African Republic, Bitcoin is even recognized as legal tender – you can pay with your BTC coins for goods and services.

Bitcoin Storm – Scam or New Generation Investment?

A licensed investment platform, where top experts work, evaluate and select top assets for users. Sounds like something very promising and promising.

Reviews on the Internet are mostly positive. Coin Insider gives the project a score of 96 out of 100, with a rating of 9.4 on BitcoinWisdom. Even the popular review aggregator Trustpilot gives the platform 4.5 stars out of 5 (a rarity for cryptocurrency-related projects).

Based on the above information, we also conclude that Bitcoin Storm is a real platform for earning money from investments in cryptocurrencies.

To become an investor and start earning, you need.

Cryptocurrency is becoming a ubiquitous financial instrument, and the number of Bitcoin wallets in July 2022 exceeded 1 billion. Don't miss the opportunity to invest in digital assets early on. Yes, still early! The main stage of development of the sector is ahead!

Step 1

Open the official website.

Step 2

Fill out the registration form on the main page (name and surname, e-mail and phone number).

Step 3

Wait for a representative of the Bitcoin Storm team to contact you.

Step 4

Make a deposit in the amount of $250 and start earning.

Bitcoin Storm Pros and Cons


  • The presence of a license, positive reviews on the network.
  • Risk diversification – the team invests not only in Bitcoin, but also in promising altcoins.
  • The possibility of earning both in the long run and in the short term.


  • The main disadvantage is the risks associated with the cryptocurrency market. The investor's earnings directly depend on the value of Bitcoin and altcoins.
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