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Popular Assets

Popular Assets

Cryptocurrencies and, first of all, Bitcoin, have already firmly entered our lives. Even those who have never used Bitcoin know about it and are increasingly showing interest. Very often, Bitcoin is considered as a profitable investment, which is not surprising, since it is Bitcoin that, despite all the crises in the global economy and in the cryptocurrency market, shows constant growth in the long term.

Experts from Traders Union, Bitcoin Waves, Bloomberg and many others predict that in 2024 Bitcoin will rise to at least $50,000, and possibly up to $65,000. The forecasts for 2030 are even more interesting, the expected value is from $776,000 to $938,000.

Such forecasts are based on the analysis of a wide range of factors. These include the growth in demand for BTC, the expansion of the community, the development of information technology, the emergence of new trading tools, etc.

Of particular interest are the processes of legalization of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in different countries, as well as the gradual transformation of BTC into a means of payment for any purchases, similar to a regular bank card. Let's give some examples.

El Salvador: Bitcoin Is Fully Legal

In this country, Bitcoin has become the same official means of payment as the local currency. Bitcoin payment tools are being actively introduced in ordinary stores, beauty salons, cafes, and restaurants. A legislative framework has been developed, in accordance with which business owners can easily make a profit in cryptocurrency and pay taxes.

The only limitation is that for Bitcoin payments, you must have access to the Internet. But if the buyer uses a credit card and not cash, this restriction also applies.

Bitcoin Transactions Growth 

The number of owners of Bitcoin wallets is constantly growing. Accordingly, the volume of transactions increases. For example, in South Korea, almost half of all non-cash transactions (about 45%) are already carried out through cryptocurrencies. And this shows that Bitcoin is becoming a popular means of payment. And as with national currencies, no exchange rate changes will force people to refuse Bitcoin payments.

The Advent of Lightning Network for Fast Payments

The factors described above would not have been possible without the appearance of the Lightning Network. Blockchain is a solution that has a huge number of advantages, including anonymity and high security performance. But the very principle of the blockchain is such that the processing of payments takes a long time. This was not critical as long as the number of Bitcoin users was relatively small. But over time, a problem arose: the payment can take several days, and sometimes weeks, and the commission makes it profitable only when transferring a very large amount.

This is how the Lightning Network system appeared – a second-level network for processing payments. Partners of this network credit certain amounts to special “reserve” wallets in advance, after which the transfer of funds is carried out according to the same principle as in the well-known VISA system: users receive funds instantly, and a real transaction can take several days. At the same time, the commission has also noticeably decreased – now it does not exceed 1 satoshi. The high level of anonymity was sacrificed. But in the face of increasing state control over the cryptocurrency market, this concession no longer matters.

What Will Happen Next?

As you can see, Bitcoin has already gone through its "childhood", when there was an explosive growth of interest, and a dizzying increase in value, and huge skepticism. After the “cryptocurrency winter” amid the crisis, it passed the test of strength, random people were eliminated from cryptocurrency trading and mining, but the currency is growing and developing again. And the fact that states are beginning to more actively recognize cryptocurrencies, legalize them and promote the introduction of payment instruments for paying for goods and services with Bitcoin, we can confidently say that BTC is a reliable solution for long-term investments, and very interesting for cryptocurrency trading.

An increasing number of developers of automated platforms for investing in cryptocurrency are betting on this. They cooperate with leading brokers, implement analytical and trading tools using big data and artificial intelligence elements, develop opportunities and offer all this to users without commissions. One of the most famous tools of this type is the Bitcoin UP platform.

What is Bitcoin UP?

Bitcoin UP is a modern automated platform for trading cryptocurrencies on behalf of investors (traders). The system interacts with the best brokers, was developed using innovative technologies, including NLP, DL, ML and AI (artificial intelligence).

You can make transactions in cryptocurrencies without a direct purchase right away. In this case, the software system analyzes the volatility of the selected currency, transactions are made automatically without human intervention. Automated trading is considered more profitable as the robot processes information and completes trades at a speed that a human cannot, but experienced traders claim that it is also more risky.

To work with Bitcoin UP, there is no need to be an expert in the cryptocurrency market and trading. Trading is fully automated. You simply set the basic parameters, then monitor the results and evaluate the profit.

The Bitcoin UP platform is available in 11 languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and more.

The company has been operating since 2016. According to information on the official website, it has grown significantly, has become popular with a large number of users, and has received awards for high quality service and ease of operation for customers.

How Does Bitcoin UP Work?

Like other trading automation systems, Bitcoin UP works through automated trading brokers. They are responsible for quick and easy access to the transaction, and also, according to the laws of many countries, verify the identity of the participants. All transactions, including those in the cryptocurrency market, are made only through them.

The Bitcoin UP platform works with the best brokers in the industry that adhere to the main regulatory requirements of such countries:

  • UK (FCA);
  • Australia (ASIC);
  • South Africa (FSB).

The user experience in Bitcoin UP is simple:

  • Register in the system (then, enter your personal account).
  • Replenish your account (minimum $ 250), after the first replenishment – the amount and terms of investment depend on your desire.
  • Adjust the risk level and other settings. If you do not have trading experience, you can entrust all the settings to the system, the robot usually chooses the optimal ratio of profit and risks.
  • Start trading and watch transactions at will.
  • After making a profit, it can be used for investment or withdrawn from the system at any time.

Markets in Which the Project Operates

Bitcoin UP is a project that was created to work with cryptocurrencies, first of all, it is focused on Bitcoin. You can also trade other popular cryptocurrencies here, including Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano and Litecoin. But for speculation in the forex market or investments in stocks, bonds, and other securities, you will need a different tool.

Project Founders

Unfortunately, information about the owners of the Bitcoin UP platform is not available either on the official website or in other open sources. Only the date of foundation of the project is known – 2013, and the fact that all these years the platform has been working stably. Because the lack of information about the owners is not a critical factor, such secrecy in the cryptocurrency market is quite common.

How Much Can You Earn?

The Bitcoin UP system promises a high percentage of profits – about 90% of successful transactions. But the very amount of profit and the success of your trades depend largely on you. There are no restrictions on the amount of investment or profit.

However, no trading system guarantees success, although there are many good reviews about Bitcoin UP. Therefore, we recommend investing only those amounts that are not vital for you and your family.

Is It Safe to Work with the Bitcoin UP?

The Bitcoin Up website and application implement a reliable level of protection for users' personal data. In addition, the platform has partnered with leading software security companies, including:

  • BitGo;
  • Norton Security;
  • Secure Trading;
  • McAfee.

The system also sends alerts about any changes in your account to the user's email and/or phone. Therefore, the level of security can be considered high.

Is Bitcoin UP or the Cryptocurrency Market Regulated?

Cryptocurrencies today are not legalized in all countries. Therefore, cryptocurrency trading can be called partly legal. The project itself works with leading brokers who are guided in their work by the most progressive control systems, and therefore the project can be considered rather legal.

However, remember that you must decide on the taxation of the profits received independently, in accordance with the laws of your country.

What Experience Is Needed to Use Bitcoin UP?

The project is highly automated. Therefore, to work with Bitcoin UP, you do not need to have any experience in working with cryptocurrency or in trading in general. At the same time, after registering on the Bitcoin UP platform, training videos will be available to you. We recommend that you watch them, as well as study useful tips and thematic publications. Understanding the basic terms and principles of trading will help you make smart decisions and increase your profits.

Demo account

After registering in the system, you get access to a demo account. It can be used to get acquainted with the site or application, explore the possibilities of the project, and deal with some of the nuances of the auction. You can also try out some changes in the settings of the trading robot on a demo account at any time. Its use is completely free, but the resulting profit will also be virtual.

Payout Speed and Possible Fees

Payouts are available to MasterCard or Visa bank cards, Skrill or Paypal e-wallets, as well as to your Bitcoin wallet. The speed of receiving funds depends on the chosen method, often completed in a matter of minutes and does not exceed 24 hours. Withdrawal fees depend on the chosen method and are charged by the receiving services.

The Bitcoin UP platform itself does not charge any fees – neither for using the site, nor for withdrawing funds. The company receives profit from partner brokers. This is much more profitable than trading through a cryptocurrency exchange, where you will pay 2-3% for each transfer of funds. Remember that brokers can take about the same commission from your profits (but only from it).

Devices Used

You can work with Bitcoin Up from any device – desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. The platform has a convenient and intuitive website that works in all modern browsers and is well adapted to small screens.

Users of Android mobile devices can also download a mobile application that will work wherever there is Internet access.

Is the Bitcoin UP Project a Scam?

The official website of Bitcoin Up can hardly be called a scam, since the trading robot has been successfully and reliably operating for many years, there are many positive reviews about it, and no serious drawbacks in the security system or claims related to the incorrect use of personal information have been noticed.

But due to the high popularity of the project, there are a lot of “mirrors” of Bitcoin Up, which are created by scammers. Therefore, when registering, be especially careful.

Project Support

The support service works 24//7 and is available in online chat, through the feedback form on the website or by email, which is listed on the contact page of the official website. Support is multilingual, but from time to time you have to wait for an answer, about which the company warns in advance on the "Contacts" page.


The Bitcoin UP project can be called one of the best automated systems for trading cryptocurrencies due to its convenience and popularity. Also, many users confirm that this system really helps to receive passive income, and the trading robot works efficiently, the percentage of profitable trades is high.

But still, we recommend not to invest a large amount at once, it is better to limit yourself to the minimum – $ 250. After getting acquainted with the system and exploring the possibilities on your own, you will already make an informed decision about what percentage of your investment portfolio should be entrusted to the Bitcoin UP platform.

It is very easy to register and start earning income in the Bitcoin Up project:

Step 1

Fill out the registration form, it will take a few minutes. Wait for an email with information to activate your account. Confirm your consent to join the Bitcoin UP project.

Step 2

Choose a trading broker from the list of recommended ones, open a trading account with him. To make a profit, you will need to deposit an amount of at least $250, all of this money will be your starting capital. The service does not charge any commissions on the deposit, there are no restrictions on the timing and amount of withdrawal of funds.

Step 3

Make a profit. Login to your brokerage account. Choose Bitcoin UP as your trading platform. To start automatic trading, activate the software. You can turn off the automatic trading system at any convenient time. You can also easily switch between manual trading and automated passive income.

Bitcoin UP Pros and Cons


  • Support for a wide list of popular cryptocurrencies;
  • Multilingual interface;
  • Modern software using AI;
  • Friendly interface;
  • High percentage of profitable trades;
  • The possibility of obtaining passive income;
  • Availability of a mobile application.


  • The support service is not always fast;
  • There are many "mirrors" of the project created by attackers.
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