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Everyone knows how profitable the natural gas market has become in recent years. A sharp jump in gas prices in Europe in 2021, a difficult geopolitical situation in 2022, the depletion of a number of wells and interruptions in the supply of liquefied "blue flame gas" brought huge profits to gas magnates.

According to experts, the trends are such that in this, and, most likely, in subsequent years, the price of gas will remain record high. At the beginning of 2023, the price of gas did not fall below $900 per 1,000 cubic meters. m. And on the spot market, the majority of trades markedly exceeded this figure. In the spring, due to warming, prices began to decline seasonally. But experts say that this is nothing more than a seasonal phenomenon, since there are no trends in reducing the cost of gas.

American EIA analysts also assume consistently high gas prices of at least 5.54 per cubic meter. Among the reasons, they cite a general decline in gas production, a decrease in gas reserves (in 2023 – the lowest in the last 5 years), high demand from the energy sector, which is not able to quickly switch to coal.

Experienced investors have long known that gas is precisely the area of ​​financial investment where the price will never drop to zero. This is not a cryptocurrency, not stocks that can become ordinary paper at any time. Gas will always be in demand, and its price will only grow over time. 

Do you know that now not only large certified traders, but also ordinary investors can take part in gas trading, and the minimum investment amount starts from only $250? In order for the most ordinary people from different countries to earn money on gas, the Gas Ertrag automated platform was created.

What Is Gas Ertrag?

The Gas Ertrag platform is a tool that was created primarily to enable ordinary people to take part in gas trading on world exchanges. Here you can trade shares of gas companies, assets, as well as goods (spot transactions for regular and reduced gas).

You'll get up-to-date information on all transactions, follow trends in the global natural gas markets, and obtain unprecedented financial freedom by trading the most profitable commodity in the modern world.

The platform is very simple, understandable and intuitive even for a novice investor. You will be able to build your own strategy, including opening short positions, which means making a profit even when the price falls.

How Does the Gas Ertrag Project Work?

It is very easy to start earning on Gas Ertrag. You go through registration, where you specify the minimum data. After that, a broker contacts you by phone, and explains in detail what needs to be done next to get started, answers your questions, and helps you understand the project. 

After activating your personal account, you will receive in a convenient form maximum information on the gas market, as well as in those areas that will also interest you.You will be able to make transactions 24/7, use round-the-clock support, receive analytics, advice, and other types of assistance. The minimum investment amount is $250.

Markets in Which the Project Operates

The gas market in the modern world is a huge opportunity for making super profits, as resources are gradually depleted, and geopolitical difficulties only add value to this type of natural raw material.

Here are a few well-known traders who value the gas market highly:

  • Jim Rogers claims that gas is a commodity whose price will never drop to zero. If you invest in stocks, futures, non-tangible assets, in fact, you get paper, and it can depreciate completely, while gas is reliable.
  • Peter DeFazio notes that unlike many other commodities, the US gas market is largely unregulated, and it gives a lot of possibilities.
  • Warren Buffett reminds us that investing is not a game where a guy with an IQ of 160 will definitely beat a guy with an IQ of 130, and not rocket science, where you need to be an expert. Investing is much easier.

In addition, within the framework of the project, you can also trade stocks, assets, goods of companies associated with other areas, as well as engage in currency trading. The Gas Ertrag platform has proved to be so convenient and efficient that many people prefer to use it, among other things, to profit from business areas that are not related to gas in any way.

Project Founders

The Gas Ertrag project was created in Germany, the head office of the company is still located in Leipzig. It was founded by German traders who decided to make access to the gas market easier for ordinary investors.

Today, citizens of almost any country can become project participants, if there are no legal restrictions on trading in the country itself. But keep in mind that the support service works in German and English only. 

How Much Can You Earn?

The amount of your earnings depends only on you. Gas Ertrag is your tool, your analytics and your access to the market, which has been almost inaccessible for ordinary investors for years. But then it all depends on your determination and the amount of investment. Those who are interested in deals with higher prices can earn much more than those who prefer small investments and low-cost deals. But in any case, there are no restrictions, and everything will depend on how you trade.

Can You Trust the Gas Ertrag Project?

New investment projects appear on the Internet every day, which offer opportunities for making money on trading in various fields. But not all of them are trustworthy. Moreover, we recommend you to check each project as carefully as possible, since there are really a lot of scams on the network.

When studying Gas Ertrag, we paid attention to such factors:

  1. The company publishes its real address and phone number, which in itself is a confirmation of legal work.
  2. Certified gas traders cooperate with the project, they provide ordinary users with access to the gas market.
  3. More than 250,000 people from various countries have already become participants in the project.
  4. The project gets positive reviews and ratings on independent sites.

All this allows us to state that Gas Ertrag is a reliable platform where you can safely register and conduct financial transactions.

We also studied the tools themselves, which Gas Ertrag provides to each user. Reports, statistics, analysis and recommendations are formed on the basis of Big Data analysis, information comes from all major stock exchanges and other sources. The user receives everything necessary to receive up-to-date data and conduct profitable transactions.

The tools themselves are also convenient, the interface is intuitive even for a beginner, and the support works well. Therefore, we are sure that this project is worthy of your attention.

Regulation of the Gas Market and the Gas Ertrag Project

The gas market is regulated in different countries depending on their legislation. In some cases, manufacturers are required to sell at least part of the gas at a price below the market price. In others, the amount of gas that a producer can offer to the spot market is limited. But all this does not apply to investments in futures and other assets listed on exchanges.

Investors can work with stocks, futures and other gas assets just as freely as when working on international exchanges in most industries.Moreover, if, for example, the trade in many goods in the United States is regulated by law, then gas contracts have practically no restrictions.

Gas Ertrag itself operates in accordance with German law. But since users live in different countries, and Gas Ertrag is not a personal broker, but a tool for earning money, you will need to decide on taxation and other nuances on your own according to the laws of your country after withdrawing funds from the project.

Do I Need Experience to Participate in the Project?

Of course, as in any field of trading, experience will always be an advantage. Moreover, it is not so important what exactly you traded before.

But the big plus of the Gas Ertrag project is that it is also great for beginners. After registration, you will have the opportunity to chat with the broker of the company and get answers to your questions. The interface is simple, financial instruments are designed in such a way that even a person who is far from the financial sphere can quickly understand what graphs, tables, and other types of decision prompts mean.

Another plus for beginners is the small size of the minimum amount to start, only $250. Start with minimal investment, learn from short low-cost trades, don't risk funds that are critical to your well-being. And you, even being a complete novice in this field, will gradually learn to earn more and more.

Demo Account

The Gas Ertrag project does not provide a demo account and training in demo trading mode. Therefore, listen carefully to the broker's advice, and remember that it is better to start with small transactions.

Payouts: Fast and Secure

All funds from successful transactions go to your internal account in the system. Payments are possible to Visa, MasterCard, Maestro bank cards. Payments are made at your request, the processing time is up to 24 hours. The commission is 0%.

Remember that the term for crediting funds to your card can also be affected by the features of your bank, and it is your bank that can charge a commission for crediting funds.

System Commissions

You can use Gas Ertrag completely free of charge without any commission. At the same time, you are given access to all tools without restrictions.

In the event that a transaction requires payment of a commission to a third-party system, for example, during currency trading, you will be notified in a timely manner.

What Devices Does Gas Ertrag Work on?

To date, the platform works only via Internet browsers, there are no mobile applications. You can work with the system from a computer, laptop, as well as from tablets or mobile devices through the browser installed on them.

Is It Legal to Use Gas Ertrag?

The Gas Ertrag project fully officially operates within the framework of German law, and brokers and representatives of the project from other countries comply with the laws of the country with the stock exchange of which they work.

The project is completely legal, and therefore its use is also completely legal.

Is Gas Ertrag a Scam?

Under modern conditions, it is difficult to be sure in the reliability of any project. However, our research confirms that Gas Ertrag operates legally, unlike scam projects, you can contact their official office with a question or request information about it in Germany.

Therefore, we recommend everyone who is interested in the project and the gas market to test the project on their own. Registration requires a minimum of data, and the amount to start trading is small, therefore, taking into account all of the above, your risk is minimal, as far as possible in the financial market.

Project Support

The first communication with the broker of the project will be by voice, immediately after registration and even before you invest in trading. Then you can also contact the support service as needed. Support service works in German and English.

Conclusion: Gas Ertrag is Your Gateway to the Global Gas Market

The Gas Ertrag platform was created so that ordinary users could earn money in one of the most profitable markets in the modern world, earning money on natural gas.

The platform is very simple and intuitive. There are all the necessary tools for both beginners and experienced traders.You get all the information you need to get started even before you activate your trading account.

The global gas market itself is on the rise, price fluctuations are constantly observed here, they depend on the political situation, weather conditions, the season, and many other factors. But at the same time, the cost of gas in recent years has been record high, and there are no trends to a significant decrease in it and are not expected. In addition, gas is a commodity whose price will never be zero, and therefore your risks in this area are lower than when trading stocks or cryptocurrencies.

Registration on the site is very simple:

Step 1

Click on the "Register" button.

Step 2

Enter your first name, last name, email and phone number in the form.

Step 3

Wait for a call from the broker who will explain in detail all the next steps. A call from a broker in most cases comes within an hour, and sometimes several minutes after registration.

Gas Ertrag Pros and Cons


  • The project is available to citizens of all countries.
  • Easy registration.
  • Broker’s help at the start.
  • The gas market today brings super profits.
  • There is also trading in stocks, assets and currencies.
  • Tools are simple and intuitive.
  • Analytics is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.


  • There is no demo account and demo mode.
  • A call from a broker is required to start trading.
  • No multilingualism – site is in German.
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