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IguVerse is a very profitable and interesting game from the GameFi world. This is a blockchain game where you need to create and maintain a pet (it is also an NFT). This pet will bring daily income (IGUP token). Monthly earnings are very decent and are now at the level of ∼ 100% per month. And the project also uses artificial intelligence, for example, it separates your pet from the background from your photo or generates an image based on keywords.

The IguVerse game combines several trends in modern profitable gaming at once, namely:

  • move-to-earn;
  • play-to-earn;
  • non-custodial wallet;
  • web 3.0;
  • social tasks: you share the secret code on social networks and look for codes on other pages of the same players.

IguVerse: Basic Information

  • Type of asset: GameFi, NFT, artificial intelligence.
  • Activity: 2D game on the blockchain, NFTs that bring daily income.
  • Start date of activity: November 2022.
  • Profitability: ∼ 100% per month (depending on the rarity of the pet).
  • Minimum investment amount: 57$.
  • The term of the deposit: no restrictions, you can withdraw at any time.
  • You can deposit and withdraw funds through: Binance Smart Chain (by connecting Metamask or TrustWallet).
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: unlimited.
  • Affiliate program: 2%-1%.
  • Investment currency: BNB.
  • Maximum number of NFTs: 30.
  • Profit withdrawal: at any time as the tokens are unlocked. An important caveat: you always need to keep a small amount of BNB on your game account to pay commissions in the game.
  • Protection of partners' deposits.

IguVerse: Details 

IguVerse is a game that uses NFT, GameFi and AI. The main feature for users is earnings. By playing, you monetize your actions by receiving IGUP tokens, which, in turn, can be exchanged for USDT on the PancakeSwap exchange. At the time of writing the review, it is possible to get a free NFT and make a profit from it. Although it is small (about $0.2 per day), it is still there.  The application has several language versions.

After creating a pet, you receive energy for completed tasks. For example, walking with geolocation turned on for a while, playing a 2D game (jumping over iguana cacti), or doing tasks related to social networks (just share on social networks and get the most energy). 

You spend part of the energy received on the pet itself, to maintain its life, and exchange the rest for IGUP tokens. And they can already be exchanged on PancakeSwap for a more liquid/popular cryptocurrency. The more expensive the NFT, the greater the profit and the lower the % of the cost per pet (life maintenance).

You can complete each of the tasks once a day. To understand when a new day begins, there is a timer on the main page. The table below shows the approximate profitability for each rarity.

At the same time, you can upgrade NFT Rare to Mystical and further now. During the game, the pet gains experience, after which you can increase the level to 2, 3, etc. When the pet reaches level 10, there is an opportunity to increase the rank. It turns out to be a kind of reinvestment with increased performance.

Game Mechanics and Time Costs

IguVerse, unlike many competitors, does not eat up a lot of time: no more than 20 minutes a day. Of these, 10-15 minutes are spent walking with a virtual pet (you only need to walk 1 km). The remaining 5-10 minutes are spent on a post on social networks, searching for codes on other accounts, as well as a mini-game of jumping rope with an iguana in the title role.

At the same time, with an increase in the number of NFTs on the account, the number of tasks and time to complete does not increase. You can have up to 30 NFTs per account.

An important nuance is the need to have a real account on Instagram or TikTok. For Instagram, the conditions are as follows: an account is at least 45 days old, at least 100 followers, and the ratio of likes to followers is at least 1:10. These are normal numbers for a live account. Another option is to purchase a ready-made account on a special exchange and post there.

Important Points

  • You can invest using Binance Smart Chain (by connecting Metamask or TrustWallet). Minimum investment amount: $57 (the most budgetary NFT).
  • If you buy NFT through the AppStore, the store will charge a standard 30% commission. To get around it, you need to enter the application settings (upper left corner) and go down to the very bottom, there you will see the “Web Application”. We enter through the web version of IguVerse and pay without commission.
  • To convert energy, use the lightning icon at the top of the screen. Nearby there are coins, if you click on them, then we will get into the wallet.
  • The received IGUP tokens are not available for withdrawal all at once, but from 6% to 10% of their balance per day (the more expensive the NFT, the higher the percentage). Available for withdrawal are on the green part, temporarily locked – in gold.
  • Minimum withdrawal without limits.

Referral Program

  • Earnings on the game of invited users. 2% from direct partners and 1% from indirect ones.
  • Boost to complete daily tasks after reaching a certain number of invitations.
  • You can get more discounts.

How to Start Playing and Earning

We open the official website and download the IguVerse application to your device.

We register an account by clicking "Login with E-mail", a code will be sent to the specified mail, which must be entered in the required field.

Create a wallet and save the seed phrase. We create a pet by choosing the one that suits the cost and pay for NFT. Please note that if you have an iPhone, then Apple will take a 30% commission for the purchase. In order not to give 30%, use the web version of the game. To do this, open the settings (in the left corner of the screen) and at the very bottom click on the web application (pay through it). 

An important nuance: if you did not receive a 5% discount on NFT after registration, then before buying NFT you need to enter the code 0H80GDDM manually in the Referrals section.

We play by completing daily tasks, while earning energy. We use part of it for the pet itself (to maintain its life), and exchange part for the IGUP token (the lightning bolt icon at the top of the screen). 

Please note that earned tokens are not available for withdrawal immediately, but are unlocked in parts every day. For example, for NFT Rare, unlocking comes at 10% per day from the balance.

IguVerse Development 

The project has been actively and openly developing since the beginning of 2022, as evidenced by the roadmap and posts in social networks. At the same time, the IguVerse game itself was launched on the mainnet in November 2022.

Google metrics show good registration dynamics: 57k new users in November, 112k in December. At the same time, since January, the game has been actively promoted, including a post on the official Twitter account of BNB Chain with 2.8 million subscribers. So the number of registrations in January can easily surpass December.

The $IGUP gaming token was listed on an exchange from the top 10 MEXC Global on December 29, and the $IGU management token is still unlisted and is rumored to be launched as a launchpad on one of the top exchanges.

You can hear from users that IguVerse is a well-developed game with good prospects (half of NFT is not yet available). It is clear that with such a high profitability, it is not worth counting on work for many months. The earlier you invest, the higher the probability of profit. But in IguVerse, it appears quickly, so you won't have to wait long. In addition, daily distribution helps, which significantly reduces the load on the project's cashier.

Pros of Playing IguVerse

  • Very high yield, 90-96% per month.
  • Excellent growth dynamics of registrations, top1 project in terms of growth in the entire GameFi sector.
  • Listing on the top 10 exchange and tweeted by BNB Chain officials.
  • The idea of ​​a virtual pet (tamagotchi) was promoted in the past in a modern version.
  • NFTs are generated by a neural network for your parameters and are unique.
  • Availability in the official AppStore and Play Market stores with the ability to directly buy NFT through the Apple Store (it turns out to be more expensive than crypto).
  • Well-thought-out NFT pumping system (provokes reinvestment).
  • There is an affiliate program.
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