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The cryptocurrency market is still a promising investment tool – trading platforms allow you to earn money in both bull and bear markets. Despite the decline in capitalization by 60%, the industry has great potential. Unfortunately for a beginner, not only innovative projects come to the market, but also scammers. Their main mission is to collect as much as possible from their victims, and then "go west."

Sometimes scammers camouflage perfectly and are even known as "cryptocurrency market gurus" – Do Kwon and Sam Bankman-Fried will not let you lie. The collapse of Terraform Labs and FTX did the industry a disservice, literally, and investors who lost millions are still waking up in a cold sweat.

But there are also such initiatives, the fraudulent intentions of which are not so well hidden – the investor is promised mountains of gold, and then he is “conned out of money”. 

Today we will analyze the Immediate Edge platform. What is it – another scam or trading of a new generation that allows traders to increase their capital?

Project history. Cryptocurrency trading instead of binary options

Immediate Edge is a platform for automated cryptocurrency trading. Trading is based on the principle of using artificial intelligence. AI technologies are truly amazing, doing the almost impossible. The project team claims that a special trainable bot analyzes huge amounts of data and generates the most accurate signals.

The trader only has to make a deposit to the account, put a couple of checkboxes and enjoy the process of increasing his deposit. 

Similar platforms do exist, and some even work successfully in trading.

What is alarming is that the history of Immediate Edge begins in 2009, although this is not mentioned on the site. Then the team worked with binary options. It ended up on the black lists of some financial regulators and, with the tightening of legislation, left the market.

The founder of Immediate Edge is a certain Edwin James. It is known that he earned billions of dollars in Forex and cryptocurrency trading, and then created a platform that allows other traders to increase their capital. In the public domain, we do not find any information about him, as well as about other team members. It is only reported that they used to trade securities on Wall Street. We have not found any details of their biographies.

Immediate Edge Trading Conditions

The trader is offered to register on the site and make a minimum deposit of $250, and then the trading bot will do everything for you, increasing the initial deposit. It sounds quite real, but the reported data raise doubts.

Immediate Edge promises traders a 98.9% success rate in trading signals. In other words, almost all the received signals are correct, which means that the trader should become a millionaire in a couple of days. Yes, artificial intelligence is capable of doing miracles, but not to that extent. 

Immediate Edge vs Other Trading Bots

  • Minimum deposit: $250 (compared to other platforms with higher deposit requirements)
  • Success rate: 99% (compared to 80% for Bitindex AI, 90% for Bitcoin Prime).
  • Simple KYC process (compared to other platforms that require a huge amount of information).

Competing platforms usually announce the efficiency of trading signals in the range of 80-90% and inform traders that even with the use of AI technologies, the risks still remain.

The site uses leverage up to 4000:1. In cryptocurrency trading, such multipliers are not practiced, since market volatility will liquidate your positions very quickly. If a trader sets the leverage to x4000, then a change in the value of the asset by only 0.025% will lead to the liquidation of positions. In 2022, Bitcoin's average daily volatility index ranged from 2% to 5%. For comparison, the maximum multiplier for cryptocurrency futures at Binance reaches x125 (32 times less).

Immediate Edge is available only in the web version, which is adapted to any device. It is reported that the number of platform users exceeds 100 thousand, but we do not find confirmation. The official website of the platform is There are also several mirrors –,, etc. The Similar web service reports that no data was found for all the specified domains.

Trading platform partners – are they real?

The Immediate Edge team announces partnerships with major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bittrex, Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken, Binance, etc. We turned to each of the listed sites with a request to confirm the partnership with the project, but this information was not confirmed by technical support. Cryptocurrency exchanges deny their involvement in this project.

Celebrities often appear in promotional articles for the project. The names of Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Jeremy Clarkson, Nicole Kidman, Gordon Ramsay and other celebrities appeared, but we do not find any confirmation of their cooperation with the Immediate Edge platform.
And we also find articles with false information that allegedly talk about the clients of the site who made a fortune on it. For example, the Financial Report published an article where they talk about two millionaires who made money on Immediate Edge – they were allegedly arrested in Dubai.

We conclude that the project spreads fake information about partnerships with cryptocurrency sites and celebrities, and also orders non-existent news.

Site Regulation Features

Immediate Edge operates under a license issued by the financial regulator CySEC. This is what the project team says. On the official website of the regulator, we do not find any data on the issuance of a license, and the domain, like its mirrors, is not on the list of allowed ones.

The official website claims that the project is based in the UK, and among the main partner brokers are companies licensed in Australia and the United Kingdom. However, the website of the British financial regulator (Financial Conduct Authority) reports that the company operates without a license – the agency warns investors and traders about the dangers of cooperation with this company.

In addition to the British financial regulator, Immediate Edge has also been blacklisted by the FSMA, the Belgian financial regulator.

Feedback About the Project

In the public domain, we find different reviews about the Immediate Edge project, and often they are mutually exclusive.

On Bitnation, the project has a rating of 9.4 out of 10, while Trustpilot (a popular review service) has a rating of only 1.5 out of 5. The rating is accompanied by numerous negative customer reviews. Moreover, most of the reviews are blurred by Immediate Edge representatives due to “content of offensive or malicious content.”

We will not rely on reviews, they may well be subjective – let's summarize all the information collected in order to make our verdict.

Conclusions – scam or not?

We draw conclusions based on concrete facts and verified information.

We did not find any data about the project team, all information is blurred, there are no names (except for Edwin James, who is also unknown).

The project promises the trader too high a yield of 99%, information about the number of users registered on the site is not confirmed in any way. Traders are offered exorbitantly high leverage up to 4000:1. The figure looks too high even for the Forex market, where volatility is much lower.

Information about cooperation with cryptocurrency exchanges and famous personalities is false. The venues deny any involvement in the project. The fact of publication of untrue news has been established.

Immediate Edge has no confirmation of a license. The platform site has been blacklisted by financial regulators in Belgium and the UK.

Based on the above information, we conclude that Immediate Edge is a scam.

Henry Smith


calendar icon 29.01.2023

Independent financial analyst. He is a financial adviser for a number of investment funds.