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A project that will allow you to earn on the extraction and sale of oil and gas.

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Imperial Oil is an investment product aimed at providing signals for oil and gas trading. The automatic system analyzes the volatile energy market and generates a forecast within 20–30 minutes, after which it opens a deal itself.

Everyone can earn with Imperial Oil, because the minimum deposit is only $250. The profit itself is easy to predict, for example, using the How much will I earn calculator on the main page of the Imperial Oil project. For example, $250 can bring $470 in profit.

How Does the Imperial Oil Project Work?

The project accepts investments and trades with the money of investors. The work of traders is performed by an intelligent trading system that analyzes oil and gas charts. As a result, having once invested a certain amount, say, $ 1,000, the investor receives daily profit, which can be withdrawn to an affordable payment system.

Markets in Which the Project Operates

Imperial Oil specializes in the trading of energy commodities – oil and gas. Contracts are concluded weekly with companies from this area, for example, filling stations and electric power organizations.

The bulk of Imperial Oil's transactions are made on the American and Canadian markets, where the energy sector of the economy is well developed.

Recently, there have been significant price fluctuations in the oil and gas market, which is beneficial for stock trading. The high volatility of energy market assets allows you to make more transactions per unit of time.

The oil and gas market is subject to strong political influence. Russia, as one of the main oil producers, suffers from sanctions. Since the beginning of 2023, Russian oil production may be reduced by 33.3% from 1.5 to 1 million barrels per day. This is due to the introduction of a ban on the import of "black gold" by sea. In turn, this is good news for other oil-producing countries, which will be able to increase production and increase the profits of oil and gas companies such as Imperial Oil.

Traded Assets

The company trades in oil, gas and shares of oil and gas companies.

Imperial Oil covers 80% of the oil and gas market in Canada and the United States, and due to a quadrupling in demand for energy carriers, conglomerate profits have increased significantly. That is why the company opened an investment program to help ordinary citizens of Canada, as well as Great Britain and Australia earn money. Soon it will be possible to register citizens of any other countries.

Founders of the Imperial Oil Project

Imperial Oil was founded by stock trading sharks, professionals from the Canadian and US energy sectors.

Rich Krueger is the chief director of Imperial Oil. The team also includes many people from large oil and gas companies, experienced traders, analysts and programmers who write programs for automatic trading in oil and gas.

How Much Can You Earn?

After registration, any novice investor who is a citizen of Canada, the UK or Australia receives a triple benefit:

  1. Stable income from $600 per day, even with the purchase of the minimum tariff.
  2. Convenient withdrawal of funds within a day to VISA, MC, electronic payment systems.
  3. Multiple growth of the first invested amount. 

Earnings become possible a day after the first purchase of an affordable tariff. The average income of an investor is up to $15,000 per month.

Can You Trust the Imperial Oil Project?

Imperial Oil is company which decided to join forces with ordinary people and private investors in order to develop as quickly as possible. By investing, the company raises more money, enters into larger deals and buys large futures contracts, such as WTI oil and NG gas, resulting in a significant increase in income.

Such a democratic scheme of cooperation between ordinary citizens of Canada, Great Britain, Australia and the giant of the energy sector inspires confidence.

Is It Safe to Work with the Imperial Oil Project?

Imperial Oil works with the largest companies in the US and Canada. If the fact of fraud on the part of Imperial Oil had been noticed, the founders and the entire team would have been brought to criminal liability.

Since 2018, when the project was just launched, the scheme of interaction with investors and companies has not changed, including after inspections.

State Regulation and the Market in Which Imperial Oil Operates

Imperial Oil was scrutinized by financial regulators. This is a normal process for any company that quickly broke into the market and showed rapid growth in revenue and turnover.

The company is regulated by financial auditors from Canada who check all reporting for fraud and money laundering. In general, the company is not only regulated in Canada, but also works primarily with Canadian companies and assets.

Experience Required to Use the Project

You don't have to be a qualified investor. Every adult citizen of Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and other countries (in the future), with a bank card for investing and withdrawing funds, can become a depositor.

Demo trading

To assess the earning potential and calculate the profit, you can use the investor calculator on the Imperial Oil website. It will show how much profit you will receive in 24 hours from a certain amount. For example:

$250 –> $470.
$500 –> $941.
$1,000 –> $1,880.
$2,000 –> $3,760.

There is no separate demo account here, since you are not trading, they are trading instead of you with your money.

To see the result, you need to register, confirm your personal data by voice, invest at least $250 and withdraw the first profit after a day.

Payout Speed & Possible Commissions

The commission is taken only as a fee for a money transfer and not by the company itself, but by a payment system, for example, VISA or Skrill. Payment systems take from 0 to 5% commission, in crypto platforms it is often fixed and ranges from $0.8 to $20.

Imperial Oil Commission Fees

Imperial Oil does not charge any additional or hidden fees from investors. All calculations are transparent, and the depositor receives all profits.

Does the Project Work  Lawfully?

Yes, the project is regulated by the laws of Canada, it works openly with top conglomerates in Canada and the United States.

Project Support

The first support will be provided on the day of registration upon confirmation of your data. In the future, in order to contact the company, you will need to log into your Imperial Oil personal account, find valid contact details and send your question through the feedback form. You can also male a call using an active phone number.

Usually, investors do not have a desire to ask additional questions, since the earnings scheme is simple, and in order to earn money, you only need to register, be sure to answer the operator’s call, deposit funds, buy the current tariff, wait for profit and withdraw money to a card or other electronic system.


Imperial Oil is an interesting Canadian oil and gas trading company. Its democratic policy has expanded so that now the firm provides anyone who wants to invest in its success.
With an initial amount of $250, any beginner can try his hand, and then move on to more serious investments in the rates available on the site.

To register, you must fill out the form on the main page of the Imperial Oil website. The following data will be required:


Step 1

Enter in form your: Name. Surname. E-mail address. Phone number. Call permission confirmation. Click "Register". A welcome text window will appear.

Step 2

After registration, the company manager will call you back to confirm the data. Be sure to accept the operator's call to confirm personal data by voice. After answering the operator's questions, you can start using the project. During the conversation, you can ask any questions regarding earnings on Imperial Oil.

Imperial G&O Pros and Cons


  • Five years of uninterrupted growth in Imperial Oil shares.
  • Regulation of financial activities by stock auditors and regulators in Canada.
  • The legal status of the company.
  • Exchange trading on the regulated futures market and the NYSE stock exchange.
  • Authoritative Founders.
  • Work experience more than 5 years.
  • Favorable rates, work with investors and payment of profits to them.
  • A minimum of claims and negative reviews about Imperial Oil.
  • Opportunity to become an investor with an amount of $250.


  • Dependence of profitability on world events.
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