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The stock market in Latin America can still be called exotic for most investors. But this is only an additional reason to explore its possibilities, especially since it was Latin America that showed one of the highest results in the world in 2022 against the backdrop of rather weak performance of popular stock markets in developed countries.

Investment growth in Latin America is doubling every year, according to the Private Equity Association. So, in 2019, the volume of venture investments amounted to $4.9 billion, and already in 2021 this figure reached $16 billion.

The World Bank predicts growth rates for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2023 at 1.3%, and in 2024 – already 2.4%. For example: Latin American energy funds in 2022 showed an increase in income from 30% to 43%.

The situation in the e-commerce market is even more interesting. Contrary to popular belief, the world leader in this field, Amazon, is practically not working in many Latin American countries. Local players lead the way here, with pan-Latin American e-commerce and payments marketplace Mercado Libre standing out in particular.

In the last 5 years alone, online stocks in Latin America have seen an incredible 823% increase. But this market is still at the stage of development: for example, until 2025, a stable growth of the market by 30% per year is predicted. Accordingly, the value of shares of popular trading platforms will also continue to grow rapidly.

Anyone can invest in such a promising industry through traditional exchange trading. But you can also invest in Mercado Libre and earn passive income through automated trading.

What is Mercado Libre

The Mercado Libre project is an automated platform for investing in online business and, in particular, in the e-commerce sector of Latin America.

The platform is as simple as possible, it is designed for investors without the experience of stock trading and knowledge of the stock markets of the region.

According to the developers, investors receive the following benefits:

  • 100% secure and authorized platform.
  • Rollups are constantly displayed online.
  • Simple tools: all settings are accessible and understandable even to people who have no experience in investments and knowledge of the stock markets of the region.

Each client is provided with a personal manager and constant support.

One of the important advantages of the platform is a large leverage, which allows you to significantly increase profits by attracting additional funds.

How Does Mercado Libre Work?

In order to invest in Mercado Libre and receive passive income, deep knowledge and understanding of the stock market is not required. The automated system will make profitable trades based on your deposit amount and basic settings. You will receive dividends and passive income. Along with the growth of the market, your profit will also increase significantly.

The project is designed for citizens of Latin America, so registration from other regions may be limited. For example, the project is not available to US citizens, since the Mercado Libre trading platform contains cryptocurrency trading and other electronic payment tools.

The minimum deposit to participate in the project is $250.

Markets in Which the Project Operates

The Mercado Libre project operates in the markets of Latin American countries: Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru and others. Focuses primarily on investments in e-commerce and other online startups.

Citizens of these countries can freely invest in Mercado Libre, foreigners need to make sure that registration is available for them.

How Much Can You Earn?

The amount of earnings in the project is not limited and largely depends on the amount you are willing to invest in Mercado Libre. High leverage allows you to increase your potential income. But it is important to understand that using this tool also increases your risks.

Is It Safe to Work with the Project?

The Mercado Libre marketplace is highly trusted in Latin America. It combines the functions of a trading platform and financial instruments. Over the years, the marketplace has proven its reliability, the ability to ensure the security of data storage and the timeliness of payments.

Is Mercado Libre Regulated?

The activity of Mercado Libre is governed by the laws of the Latin American countries in which the marketplace operates. The project for investment is regulated by the national financial regulators of these countries.

What Experience is Needed to Use Mercado Libre?

The platform allows any person to successfully invest in Mercado Libre, including those with a zero level of knowledge in the field of trading, stock trading and long-term investments.

Is the Mercado Libre Project a Scam?

Mercado Libre is a well-known marketplace that is much more popular than Amazon in Latin America. It is safe to work with this service. But do not forget that "mirrors" from intruders are often created for popular projects, and they are a scam.

Project Support

Each user receives a personal manager who, on an ongoing basis, helps in solving problems, including technical ones, advises on project work, and answers questions.


Mercado Libre is an interesting passive income tool. The Latin American e-commerce market is developing very actively, attracting investors, demonstrating constant growth and generating relatively stable profits.

Automated trading is a good help for people who are not familiar with the stock markets. But experienced traders may not like the lack of manual trading tools and a small number of settings.

To start investing in Mercado Libre, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Step 1

Registration. Enter your first name, last name, phone number and email. Confirm the correctness of the specified data.

Step 2

Make an initial deposit – starting from $250. Follow the system prompts that will appear on the screen to make a payment.

Step 3

Wait for a call from the manager. A few minutes after replenishing the deposit, a manager will call you to help you understand the operation of the system, answer questions, and teach you how easy it is to earn income on the platform.

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