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Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. The company provides online video content viewing services for users from almost all over the world. Over 200 million subscribers can watch movies, series, TV shows without ads. In addition, the service offers many products of its own production. The popularity of the service is constantly growing, so the company's shares are invariably of interest to investors and stock traders.

Netflix shares have been publicly traded since 2002. Until 2020, they grew steadily and showed excellent results. Unlike many other industries, in the online entertainment industry, the pandemic has been a factor in a significant jump in profits. But after that, Netflix showed both a sharp decline in quotations and a re-growth in share prices.

Long term, investing in Netflix is a good idea anyway. The company works stably, and, despite stock fluctuations, the value of shares is growing from year to year. Long-term forecasts are also positive.

If you are interested in playing on the stock exchange, it is worth studying the current trends. In some cases, it is worth making a profit from a short, earning on a falling stock price. In other periods, you should wait for more profit. And here it is important to understand what Netflix is and what factors affect the value of its shares.

What Is Netflix: Company History

  • Netflix was founded in the summer of 1997 in the US by two friends, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Initially, it was a convenient rental service with delivery of DVDs. People could choose a movie or game disc they liked from a catalog and then order it for delivery by mail. The company started with 900 DVDs and a staff of 30 employees.
  • Thanks to its flexibility and successful business model, Netflix was able to successfully overcome the crisis of 2000, which bankrupted most dot-coms. Among the reasons for success are the active development of the company's website, as well as the appearance in 1999 of a paid subscription.
  • In 2002, investments were needed for further development, and a decision was made to place shares on the NASDAQ stock exchange. At the time of their appearance, their cost was $15, the issuer helped to attract $82 million in investments.
  • Further, the company continued to actively engage in the rental of content for computers, set-top boxes, players, and later smartphones.
  • In 2007, streaming appeared, although the rental continued for some time.
  • By 2010, Netflix entered the global market and began producing its own products in conjunction with Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, Disney, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, MGM, GBS.
  • In 2013, the first Netflix series House of Cards was released, which is still mega-popular in various countries.
  • From 2016 to 2020, the value of the company's shares increased by more than 350%. But since the end of the pandemic, stocks have fallen 50% in just a year. The next 2022 showed some growth, but not so fast. And further, if you look at the short term, there were periods of growth and decline in this indicator.
  • In the second half of 2022, Netflix's earnings and share price showed steady growth.
  • In 2023, results were negatively impacted by the Hollywood strike, but so far, some of the decline in the stock price is due in large part to lower-than-expected financial results.

In general, Netflix is actively investing in business development: creating new series, cartoons, and other video products, attracting new subscribers and expanding its catalog.

Forecasts & Expectations

By mid-2023, the company's share price was $475.47. By the end of the year, experts predict growth to $509.47.

Further, according to expert estimates, the following figures are expected:

  • 2024 – $582.32
  • 2025 – $665.58
  • 2026 – $760.75
  • 2027 – $869.53
  • 2028 – $993.85
  • 2029 – $1135.96
  • 2030 – $1298.38

By 2034, according to experts, the value of Netflix shares may reach $2215.98.

These data are nothing more than forecasts. The market situation may change. But the fact that the majority of experts agree with such figures makes it possible to invest in Netflix with a high degree of confidence for the long term.

How Netflix Stocks Go Works

Netflix's financial results confirm that the service remains the market leader and shows a trend towards further development. The number of users increases by about 8 million every quarter.

However, in recent years, the share price has fluctuated. This is influenced by many factors, the most significant of which are:

  • Client base. The growth in the number of subscribers positively affects the share price if it matches or exceeds the forecasts. So, in the 1st quarter of 2022, the number of subscribers grew by only 2.5 million people against the expected 8.3 million. As a result, the shares "dipped" by 20%.
  • Competition. The market for streaming services and online TV is actively developing. Among the main competitors of the company are Apple, Amazon and Disney. To withstand competition, the company is forced to increase production costs. This has led to higher subscription costs in some regions, resulting in a reduction in the number of subscribers there. This decision also led to a temporary decrease in the share price.
  • Global force majeure. In recent years, many events have taken place in the world that affect all areas of business. For example, the pandemic has had a positive impact on Netflix's earnings and share price, as people have become more interested in streaming videos due to restrictions. The end of the pandemic has drastically reduced the number of new subscribers, resulting in a drop in share prices. Also, a decrease in the number of subscribers due to the disconnection of services in Russia had a negative impact.

Netflix Stocks Go will help you not only trade Netflix stock safely, but also navigate the trends and get reliable forecasts in the short and long term.

Netflix Stocks Go is a reliable broker that allows you to trade online with the comfort and minimum time. Experts will help you choose a short-term and long-term strategy based on your goals. In particular, you will be able to successfully trade Contracts for Differences (CFDs) using leverage.

Traded Assets

Netflix Stocks Go is a professional stock broker for Netflix stock. The tools allow you to conduct a competent analysis, get all the necessary analytics, forecasts and assistance in working with this type of asset.

You can earn only on the value of shares, the company does not pay dividends.

Markets Where Netflix Stocks Go Operates

Netflix Stocks Go, like Netflix, operates in most countries around the world. The exceptions are China, North Korea, Syria, Russia and some other regions where access to the Netflix service and financial instruments may be limited.

Project Founders

Netflix founders Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph continue to run the company today. The main office of the company is now located in Los Gatos. Reed Hastings is not only the owner and major shareholder, but also the CEO.

How Much Can You Earn

Netflix Stocks Go is a reliable assistant in making a profit and building a competent strategy when working with Netflix stocks. Your earnings do not have any restrictions and depend solely on the amount of investments and the chosen strategy.

However, do not forget that any investment is a certain risk. Therefore, invest only the amount that will not be critical for your well-being and financial "airbag".

Is It Safe to Work with the Project

Netflix Stocks Go is your trusted broker for Netflix stock. Cooperation is absolutely legal, regulated by US law. Netflix shares are also a safe investment, as the company is among the market leaders. Therefore, the safety of working with Netflix Stocks Go is rated as high.

What Experience Do You Need to Use Netflix Stocks Go

You can start investing with Netflix Stocks Go without any investment experience. This broker will become your assistant in choosing a strategy. Nevertheless, we recommend that you at least familiarize yourself with the basics of the exchange game, trading terminology, and methods for analyzing the company's financial results. This will help you better understand the reports provided, reduce risks, especially for short-term investments, and increase profits.

Is Netflix Stocks Go a Scam?

Netflix Stocks Go is a reliable broker that has all the necessary documents and certificates to work on the stock market.

But remember that any successful project is always in the zone of a certain interest of scammers. Therefore, carefully check that the desired address is indicated in the address bar; you should not agree to re-registration or provide additional confidential data. Be careful when working with any services on the Internet, especially if they are related to finances and payments.

Project Support

Project support usually answers your questions within 24 hours. They can relate to both technical problems and financial issues. When working, a broker always charges a certain commission from profits, its size must be specified if it is not indicated explicitly or if you did not find this information for some reason.


Netflix Stocks Go is a trusted stock broker for Netflix stock. The shares themselves are certainly interesting as a long-term investment, since all forecasts indicate that the growth of shares in the coming years will continue.

Also, Netflix shares are interesting for a short-term game on the stock exchange, including for a fall, since from this point of view, their value shows fluctuations depending on the compliance of financial results with investors' expectations and other factors. And here Netflix Stocks Go will also become a reliable assistant.

Netflix Stocks Go Pros and Cons


  • Netflix shares show stable growth in the long term;
  • Short-term fluctuations allow you to successfully make a profit, including by playing for a fall;
  • Netflix is one of the market leaders in video streaming and entertainment content creation;
  • Netflix Stocks Go is a reliable broker, thanks to which your trading on the stock exchange will be comfortable;
  • There are necessary tools for analysis and own forecasts.


  • Netflix does not pay dividends;
  • There is no full automation of trading, you need to choose your own strategy and tactics.
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