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The project enables private investors to earn with a world-famous and growing company and its public founder.

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Tesla (TSLA) share price fell by 68.75% (NASDAQ data), but the company is still in the top 10 largest in the world by capitalization (Tesla Inc. ranks 6th in this rating). Elon Musk's ingenuity knows no bounds. Aged 51, the most famous entrepreneur in the world succeeds everywhere – he is going to fly to Mars, launch satellites, buy Twitter, and now he is also storming the cryptocurrency market, but not with tweets as before, but with direct participation.

Tesla becomes the first corporation to enter the cryptocurrency market – the Tesla Coin promises to be a serious boost in the development of the company, opening up new markets and opportunities for Tesla.

Tesla Coin – a Brief Description of the Project

The Tesla Coin cryptocurrency is issued by the company of the same name, a world-famous manufacturer of electric vehicles. Tesla Inc has been facing a number of problems lately.
The electric car market has become a highly competitive niche – in 2022, 48 manufacturers (Audi, BMW, Lucid, Mercedes-Benz, Polestar and others) are already represented in the USA, in the homeland of Tesla, and by 2025 their number promises to surpass the figure of 150. However, everything is going well with the sales of the corporation – during the three quarters of 2022, Tesla managed to produce 908K cars (for comparison, in 2021, the number of sales was 935K).

But increasing competition forced the company's management to act radically – entering the cryptocurrency market was a revolutionary decision. There, Tesla Inc has no competitors, so all the "sweeteners" of digitalization will go only to the company. And such a move will open up new markets – the same China will be able to buy the coveted Teslas for cryptocurrency, bypassing all economic sanctions.

How Does Tesla Coin (Token) Work?

From the point of view of the working model, the Tesla Coin cryptocurrency is quite simple and understandable – a trader/investor uses his fiat or cryptocurrency funds to buy TES coins, and then two options are available: waiting for the cryptocurrency price to rise or using a digital asset for trading.

When you transfer your tokens to the balance of the trading platform, all assets can be automatically exchanged for Tesla Coin (TES) and traded in this cryptocurrency. The coin has already managed to grow several times since the issue, and the support of Tesla makes its prospects sky-high. We all remember what happened to Dogecoin when Elon Musk drew attention to it, and this despite the fact that Elon himself had nothing to do with the coin.

Tesla Coin As a New Trend in the Cryptocurrency Market

In 2022, the cryptocurrency market is going through difficult times – the sector’s capitalization has fallen by almost 70% (from $2.2 trillion to $800 billion), but bearish cycles are normal, as history shows. Tesla Coin promises to make a real revolution in the market  – companies from the stock market will come to crypto, which will trigger rapid growth. In 2021, after the arrival of institutional investors, the crypto market updated its historical high several times. A similar scenario is possible now.

What Assets Is Tesla Coin Trading With?

Traders can transfer any cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and others – to the balance of the Tesla Coin platform, and then they can be exchanged for TES (Tesla Coin). Users not only profit from trading, but also from the growth of the coin, which has great potential in the market. Currently, in addition to the Tesla Coin trading platform, the token is also traded on the Crypto Bridge and Nova Exchange exchanges (the listing took place in July 2022).

On the Project Team

Elon Musk himself is behind the creation of the Tesla Coin cryptocurrency. The billionaire expects to simplify the implementation of payments. It is expected that users will soon be able to purchase any Tesla model for TES coins.

How Much Can You Earn with Tesla Coin Cryptocurrency?

Earnings depend on many factors – the initial deposit, trading features, settings, etc.

In terms of investment, the potential of the coin is almost limitless, since no one knows where the price of a revolutionary coin will fly. TES can give an investor five, ten, or maybe a hundred X's. And on the trading platform of the same name, a trading option is available.

The success of trading on the site is estimated at 80% (automatic trading). This means that out of 10 trading signals received, 8 are accurate. The trader in any case will be benefitted. The minimum deposit on the site is $250 (equivalent). According to the company's reports, the most successful traders earn up to $2,500 a day on Tesla Coin. The minimum deposit of $250 brings the trader a daily income of $50 (20% per day, 600% per month).

Can You Trust the Tesla Coin Project?

Elon Musk is known for taking all his initiatives to their logical conclusion. Tesla Corporation, SpaceX, Starlink and other projects are flourishing, and Musk is personally interested in conquering the cryptocurrency market, because he sees prospects in it. The Tesla Coin token promises to be mega-successful, and early investors can count on multiple X's.

Project Regulation

Tesla Inc is registered in the USA. A subsidiary of Tesla Coin operates in accordance with the laws of the UK and meets the requirements of the local financial regulator. UK legislation is one of the strictest in the world, so the project de facto gets the right to work legally in any country in the world. Tesla Coin investors are known to represent more than 130 countries.

Required Experience

Cryptocurrency is suitable for both experienced investors and beginners in the field of cryptocurrencies. You can buy TES coins, leave them in your wallet and wait for the cryptocurrency to grow. An alternative option is to use the Tesla Coin cryptocurrency for trading. Bots built on AI principles will do all the work for you. Professional traders can test the manual trading mode and fully manage the trading process.

Having a Demo Account

Tesla Coin offers users to start exploring the interface from a demo account. Open a demo account, get virtual currency and test both manual and automatic trading modes. Get familiar with the interface and settings without any investment. The demo account is available to users without restrictions.

Payout Speed and Possible Commissions

The trader can activate payouts via his account. Withdrawal of funds to a bank card is carried out within 24 hours. Payments are made instantly – traders can transfer Tesla Coin tokens to their crypto wallets (Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc.). The token is issued on different blockchains, so there are no problems with the transfer.


Tesla cryptocurrency does not require any fees. There are no commissions for replenishment and withdrawal of funds, for trading on the site, for inactivity, etc.

Devices Used

The TES coin trading platform is implemented only in the web version, but it is adapted for all devices, so the user can access the site both from a PC/laptop and from a smartphone. In the near future, the listing of the coin on the top exchanges is expected, and then the user will be able to buy and sell tokens through the mobile application.

Does Tesla Token Meet the Legal Requirements?

Tesla Coin operates under a license that gives the right to provide trading services in all countries, with the exception of states where this is prohibited by law. The service operates in more than 130 countries.

Scam or a Revolutionary Way to Make Money?

Tesla Coin was launched by Tesla, so a scam is out of the question. An innovative project that allows crypto investors to earn without any experience in the market is rapidly gaining popularity. Trading is also available with a percentage of successful transactions of 80%. The company plans to list the Tesla Coin on top exchanges and use the TES token as a tool for paying for goods and services.

Contacting Technical Support

You can contact technical support via the feedback form. Open the official website of the trading platform and select the Contact Us tab. Fill out the form, detailing the reasons for contacting technical support. Platform representatives respond within 24 hours. Support is available in 35 languages.

Interesting Facts

The Tesla Inc team has been working on the development of cryptocurrency since 2014. The digital technology department carefully studied the market prospects and the opportunities for the company itself.

After 7 years of research and development, in 2021, the TES token was introduced. The roadmap was presented on January 28, 2022  – the team strictly adheres to all stages of the roadmap.

Conclusion – Is It Worth to Invest? 

Tesla Coin is a revolutionary project that creates a bridge between the stock market and the cryptocurrency market. A corporation from the top 10 world ranking (by capitalization) will now have its own token. The value of the coin is constantly growing, so early investors get “x”, and there is no limit to growth yet. “Providing” the project with big names like Elon Musk gives it an extra boost.

Of course, risks are inevitable in the crypto sector, it is important to understand this. However, the success of the token is already obvious, and the team’s plans are truly grandiose. After listing on the top exchanges, the coin is able to fly into the top ten in terms of capitalization, and then, perhaps, it will provide keen and tough competition to BTC.

You can create an account in a few simple steps:


Step 1

Open the official website.

Step 2

Select the appropriate language option in the upper right corner (Russian, English, Spanish, Chinese and other languages are available).

Step 3

Fill out the registration form. Enter your first and last name, email address, country of residence, and phone number. Create a strong password to enter the site.

Step 4

Check all the data and click on the yellow button "Get access now”.

Step 5

Next, wait for a call from a representative of the office to complete the registration and start trading on the site.

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