The project uses developments in the field of machine learning for asset trading, which allows you to achieve phenomenal returns.

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Artificial intelligence helps restore old photos or remove unnecessary fragments from existing ones. Google has found signs of intelligence in a chatbot, and in Europe there is a political party controlled by AI technologies. Experts predict that the AI ​​software market will grow to $900 billion by the end of 2026. The development of the sector is truly impressive.
But artificial intelligence is not only able to surprise. AI technologies allow you to earn, and not sometime in the future, but now. The revolutionary Tesler App service has combined trading and artificial intelligence. What has come of it?

Tesler App. Brief Description of the Project

The service was created to make a profit in trading cryptocurrencies. Tesler App uses the principles of artificial intelligence, based on which traders receive the most accurate signals when to sell and when to buy crypto coins. The main goal of this solution is to constantly make a profit in the crypto sector, regardless of the prevailing trends in the market.
At the level of idea and implementation, everything looks extremely promising, even “magical”. Bull market or bear market – the trader will still be in profit. How does it work, and how effective is Tesler?

How the Service Works

The service is based on the Ethereum blockchain and allows a trader to automate the process of trading tokens issued on popular blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, etc.).

The trader opens the official website of the application, registers and deposits his account (the minimum deposit is $250).Next, the trading parameters are set up – you independently determine the conditions for making transactions and the acceptable risk threshold, under which the program adjusts. When the system sees the right time to enter or exit, the trader will be notified. Signals are as accurate as possible, since their appearance is determined by artificial intelligence.

The benefit of the Trader App service is obvious – the program allows traders to avoid losing trades and automate the trading process. Suitable for both beginners, who very often lose their first investments, and professional traders with experience.

According to Coinglass (cryptocurrency futures trading data tracker), crypto traders lose an average of $125 million per day due to incorrect signals, abnormal market spikes, and analysis errors. Subordinated to the principles of AI, Tesler allows you to minimize losses.

Opportunities to Make Money in a Bear Market

Tesler App is initially focused on the cryptocurrency market. Traders get the opportunity to earn on transactions, regardless of the current mood.

The easiest and safest way to invest in cryptocurrencies is to invest in promising coins for a long time, however, at present, a bearish trend has taken root in the cryptocurrency market. Market capitalization peaked above $2.9 trillion in November 2021, followed by a protracted decline. At the time of writing, the market capitalization is $871 billion (a 70% drop). 

Experts and experienced investors perceive this situation as an opportunity to buy additional coins “at a discount”, however, the main income is associated with trading. The market is very feverish, it reacts to the news, there are constant corrections and attempts to reverse the trend, but the overall picture is still bearish. In such a situation, the most accurate signals are needed to open trades. Classical approaches to market analysis do not work.

What assets can be traded using the Tesler App service?

The service is launched on the Ethereum blockchain, but supports trading of tokens issued on other blockchains. Initially, only trading in cryptocurrencies was meant. The developers plan to add other asset classes, namely Forex currency pairs, bonds, CFD contracts, etc.

Information about the project team

Tesler Investments, which launched the service, is led by Stephen Abraham, British financier with over 15 years of experience in cryptocurrency startups.

How Much Can You Earn with the Tesler App?

It is impossible to name a specific amount, since it all depends on the size of your deposit. The more funds you deposit into your account, the more profit you will get – the program will manage your balance and increase it. For example, Stephen Abraham himself claims in the promo video of the project that a trader can earn up to $5,700 a day.

Tesler Investments reports that the average earnings from the minimum deposit is $237 per hour. Moreover, you do not make any effort for this – the software automates the trading process, and the effectiveness of trading signals from the Tesler App is estimated at 93%. Of course, there are risks, but with such indicators they are minimal.

Can you trust the Tesler App?

The service has become a real revolution in the field of trading. Artificial intelligence algorithms allow traders to receive a stable income in binary options trading. On the official website and thematic forums, there are reviews of traders who have already made money working with the application.

The Tesler App software is periodically mentioned in the Canadian, Australian and Indian media.

Legislative Regulation Features

Tesler Investments operates under a license issued in the jurisdiction of the Seychelles. Theoretically, having a license allows it to provide brokerage services around the world. According to the official website of the service the application is not available for users from the United States, Canada and Israel. There are no other geographic restrictions. It is known that traders from more than 150 countries use the service.

Required Experience to Work with Tesler App

The service fully automates trading, so the application is suitable even for beginners who are taking their first steps in trading. Artificial intelligence does all the work for you. Advanced traders can activate additional settings to customize the trading process for themselves.

Demo Account Availability

The service offers beginners to start with a demo account to verify the effectiveness of the application and understand how the market works. Tesler App provides access to two trading modes – "automatic" and "manual". In the second case, it is mandatory to start with a demo account.

Payout Speed and Commissions

The trader can withdraw funds from the service at any stage. Withdrawal of funds is carried out within 24 hours, the platform does not charge commissions.

Service Сommissions

Tesler App works without commissions for the user.

Devices Compatibility

Tesler App works on all devices, in all browsers. Users have access to a mobile version that adapts the site for devices on Android and iOS. Tesler currently only works in a web version, complete and adapted for mobile devices.

Legal Compliance

In most countries, there is still no clear regulation of the cryptocurrency market and trading, so you can use the Tesler App without fear of violating the law. The main thing is to pay income tax in accordance with the laws of your country.

Scam or Not

Tesler App appears in various reviews of thematic sites. There are both positive and negative reviews, but many resources indicate that the service really helps beginners earn money. In addition, a “manual mode” is available to users – you can trade cryptocurrency and other assets on your own, without relying on artificial intelligence. The entry threshold is relatively low – the minimum deposit amount is $250.

User Support

Unregistered users can contact the technical support service only through the feedback form in the Contact Us section. After registration, access to the online chat in 24/7 mode opens. The technical support service is available only in English.

Conclusion: to Invest or Not?

Tesler App is the first trading app to use artificial intelligence technologies to receive signals. The revolutionary approach made it possible to achieve signal accuracy at the level of 84-93% (according to various sources). The service is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. You can turn trading in cryptocurrencies and other assets into passive income, since the “automated” mode allows you not to waste your time opening and closing transactions.

Of course, risks are present, as with any application related to financial instruments, but they are minimal. The entry threshold is $250, and you can withdraw funds at any time. Test the demo account of the app to experience all the benefits of Tesler App.

To register in the Tesler App, follow a few simple steps:

Step 1

Open the official website of the application.

Step 2

On the right you will see a registration form, fill it out (first name, last name, email and phone number).

Step 3

Check the information provided and click on the green Register button.

Step 4

Confirm the specified phone number (answer the call) and email address (follow the link sent), after which the Tesler App service will become available to you.

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