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The Spanish State Treasury has recently launched a powerful project aimed at supporting and developing the country's economy, as well as improving the welfare of citizens. It is aimed at the opportunity for everyone to become an investor with minimal risks and receive a stable income.

At the same time, the State Treasury declares the following goals:

  • Improving the well-being of citizens is the key to the prosperity of the country.
  • Successful investments contribute to the development of the economy.
  • Stable income and business development reduce unemployment.
  • Attracting foreign investment contributes to the stable development of the country.

In Spain itself, many people know about this opportunity. Moreover, in Spain, all trading takes place virtually through a secure ECN (Electronic Communication Network). Only certified brokers get direct access to this tool. Therefore, a physical investor needs a platform provided by brokers. Such sites are called "market makers".

In the Public Treasury project, the State Treasury went further. They themselves created a trading platform with a high level of automation and the use of artificial intelligence technologies. Such a tool combines all the advantages of an automated exchange trading service and reliability, which is guaranteed at the level of the State Treasury.

Interestingly, not only Spanish citizens, but also foreigners can register on the site.The State Treasury claims that along with attracting investments from abroad, in this way they reduce the number of immigrants, since people can earn income with their help from anywhere in the world.

Why Is Spain Attractive for Investors?

In recent years, there have been many "crisis" events that have changed the mood of investors. An increasing number of people are choosing to invest in less profitable, but also less "risky" securities, as in the short term, even experienced experts often make erroneous forecasts.

This was also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, after which, in many countries, the economy never got out of the crisis. The war in Ukraine has also become a very important factor, since the imposition of sanctions, the rejection of Russian hydrocarbons, problems with food supplies from Ukraine and many other factors negatively affected certain areas of the global economy, and also led to unexpected surges and falls on the stock exchanges.
Therefore, countries where the economy managed to quickly get rid of the consequences of COVID-19 and, despite all the shocks, demonstrate stable growth, attract special attention for medium and long-term investments. One such country is Spain.

Already in 2022, Spain showed a GDP growth of 5.5% with inflation of 8.3%. According to the forecasts of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCDE) for 2023, Spain's GDP will grow by 1.6%, but at the same time inflation will fall to 3.7%. This is the highest figure among the countries belonging to the leading economies of the world. The Spanish government is even more optimistic.At the same time, ECB checks in the largest banks in Spain showed a very high level of capitalization of banks, high stability and stability, which suggests that even in the event of a crisis like the one that happened in 2008, the Spanish banking sector will not be affected by these shocks.

Public Treasury: What Is It?

The Public Treasury project is an automated trading platform that reflects the trends of the Spanish stock market and allows investors, both experienced and beginners, to get a high return on investment.

This is an automated trading platform based on artificial intelligence, which, with an accuracy of 99.4%, allows you to determine the most profitable and reliable transactions.
The innovative tool is designed to monitor, analyze the stock market and conduct transactions automatically at a speed that is inaccessible to real people. The smart core finds and analyzes the most reliable and profitable trades in seconds and makes a decision based on current market conditions and prospects.

How Does the Project Work?

The Public Treasury platform is designed for both beginners and experienced investors.
Project advantages:

  1. The automatic trading platform of the State Treasury provides access to various assets, which allows you to differentiate your investment portfolio and minimize risks.
  2. You do not need to learn how to work with the Public Treasury: all processes are automated, and you only get benefits.
  3. Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, there is no “human factor” in the Public Treasury, so the “rookie mistake” is excluded. The tool makes all decisions based on facts obtained after careful and in-depth analysis.
  4. Registering on the platform will save you time that you could spend on studying the stock market and investing.
  5. You can invest small amounts. It will only take $250 to activate your account, and this is not a registration fee, but your initial deposit, from which your investment story will begin.

Access to all Public Treasury tools is free, but you need to take into account that during transactions, a commission is paid, the amount of which is set by the trading exchange.

What Markets Does the Public Treasury Work in?
The project works with all stock exchanges located in Spain. This is Bolsa de Madrid - the most famous and largest Spanish exchange in terms of trading volume, which is located in Madrid. As well as regional securities exchanges located in Valencia, Bilbao, Barcelona. Of particular interest is the Latibex exchange, which is located in Madrid. Here I trade securities of Latin American countries.The project, created by the State Treasury of Spain, is aimed at developing the country's economy and improving the welfare of citizens. Therefore, here you can work only with the Spanish securities market.

Traded Assets

All types of securities that are legal in Spain are available in the project:

  • Shares and bonds, as well as various types of securities that are equated to them.
  • Active bank quotas and other documents offered for auction by banks.
  • Government bonds and similar papers issued by private businesses.
  • Promissory notes, various equivalent certificates, etc.

The Public Treasury tool is not designed to work with currencies or cryptocurrencies, nor does it work with the stock markets of other countries.

How Much Can You Earn?

Your level of income in the Public Treasury project depends only on you. The more you invest, the more income you can earn. The tool allows you to build an independent strategy, offers access to analytics and automated trading. But still a lot depends on you.
It is also important to understand that trading in securities of Spanish companies is interesting, first of all, for medium and long-term investments. There are far fewer abrupt changes here than in emerging markets. Therefore, the percentage of high-yielding "risky" securities for short-term investments is also much less. But on the other hand, the risks are lower, and the income is more reliable.

Is It Safe to Work with the Public Treasury Project?

Public Treasury is a project of the National Treasury of Spain, created primarily for the citizens of Spain.The creators of the platform have taken all measures so that you can consistently and legally earn on auto trading: registered CySEC brokers, protection of registered accounts with an SSL certificate and a secure database.
Is the Public Treasury Project or the Market in Which it Operates Regulated by Any Organizations?
The work of the Spanish stock market is regulated at the state level. All existing exchanges are owned by Bolsa y Mercados Espanoles and controlled by the Central Bank of the country. Individuals work through brokers or other intermediaries.

The Public Treasury project was created and controlled by the Spanish National Treasury and is governed by Spanish law.

What Experience is Needed to Participate in the Project?

Public Treasury has been designed for every level of trader and can give you the skills and confidence you need to make high-level trades. The platform includes the information you need to start trading, whether you are a beginner or a professional trader.

Is There a Demo Account for Learning?

No, to activate your account, you immediately make a first deposit of $250 or more. And start real trading. On the one hand, automated trading using artificial intelligence carries a minimum of risks. On the other hand, if you are new to trading, we recommend starting with a minimum investment amount.

Payout Speed and Commissions

All payouts are made upon request within 24 hours or faster. Payments are made to your bank card. System commission is 0%. Be aware that your bank may delay the receipt of funds or charge their own fees.

Devices Used

Unfortunately, the Public Treasury project does not yet have a mobile application. Therefore, you can work with it from a desktop or any portable device through a browser.

Does the Project Operate Within the Law?

Yes, the Public Treasury project is subject to the laws of Spain, as well as all the rules for trading securities adopted on the country's stock market.

Is This Project a Public Treasury Scam?

According to data provided in open sources, the Public Treasury project is not a scam. It is developed by the National Treasury of Spain, control over legality and reliability is provided at the state level.


The Public Treasury project of the National Treasury of Spain will be of interest, first of all, to investors who are interested in a stable reliable income from medium-term and long-term investments in a steadily developing market. Thanks to automation, your participation in trading will take a minimum of time, and the tools allow you to make profitable transactions even for people without experience in trading and investing.

When registering, you simply enter your first name, last name, email address, chosen password and phone number.As soon as you confirm your information, you will become a full member of the system.

Next, you need to choose the main strategy, determine the types of assets you want to work with, and log in to your personal account daily for 15-20 minutes to control, analyze, and make changes to the main settings.

Step 1

Pass a simple registration on the site

Step 2

Activate the account with the initial investment (from $250)

Step 3

Answer the manager's call

Automated trading platform from the Spanish State Treasury Pros and Cons


  • Access to the steadily growing Spanish stock market.
  • The reliability of the project is guaranteed by the State Treasury of Spain, as the development was carried out within the framework of the state program to improve the welfare of citizens.
  • Convenient platform for beginners and experienced traders.
  • Automated trading saves time.
  • Simple registration, user-friendly interface.


  • No commission for use. 
  • The project is intended primarily for the citizens of Spain, and therefore there is no multilingualism.
  • The project does not work with cryptocurrencies and online wallets, so study the commissions of your bank and taxation features in your country.
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