Since 2013, our published Stock Forecasts have beaten the market by at least 19.0% annually.


The stock and crypto market goes up and down, but savvy investors come out ahead over the long term. You don't need to be a hedge-fund manager or a billionaire. An ordinary individual investor can beat Wall Street at its own game. You just need to have information that gives you an edge. That's where we come in. We provide crypto and stock predictions that have beaten the market by at least 19.0% annually since 2013. Imagine where you might be now if you had started paying attention to our stock forecasts back then.

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The results may seem like magic, but there is sophisticated math behind them. First, we harness the collective intelligence of online investors. Unlike other companies, we don't stop there. The data we collect is just the raw material for our complex analyses.

These two layers — collecting massive quantities of useful data and ranking and analyzing them in subtle ways — combine to produce a model with the power to make market-beating predictions. We then add a third layer of information by identifying which individuals in our user base have been the most accurate in their stock predictions. If you are interested in online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies, check out the casino Rocket review from casinoau10. This casino stands out for its credibility in the Australian market. With Predict WS, you don't have to choose between the collective wisdom of the crowds or the expertise of the exceptional investors. We present you with actionable information from both, filtered through our algorithms that collect the data that has the strongest predictive power.

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